4 Slot Trends for 2018 and beyond


    4 Slot Trends for 2018 and beyond

    Online slots continue to grow in the online casino industry. In part, this is due to the ability of the gameplay mechanics to add extra incentives for new players and offer more variety to keep current players interested. In this regard, is no different for what it will offer slots players, with many trends to come that will enhance gameplay and provide a more immersive and exciting atmosphere.

    Greater Brand and Video Content

    One of the biggest upcoming trends for online slots is continuing the successful strategy that recent years have seen – partnerships with big brands and franchises. From Microgaming’s Jurassic World slot that incorporates characters and music from the series, to Family Guy, Bridesmaids to the Halloween franchise, transforming characters and elements from pop culture into themed slots will dominate. Playtech offers a variety of DC Comics-inspired slot games, from Batman to the Green Lantern to Superman. The move works in two ways – to entice those familiar with brands and franchises to connect with their favorite in a different way, especially between larger breaks between new content. Plus, those who are fans of playing online slots will be more likely to discover new franchises to connect with through the mode of gameplay they enjoy.

    Player Choices Which Affect the Game

    Another trend that online slots will see on the increase in is the increased number of player choices in slots. By giving players a greater opportunity to win or lose, depending on their own choice, an added element of skill comes into the game, which makes it more gripping. These often take the form of mini-games or of choices between different sub-themes and characters in a game. Betway Casino’s Dragonz slot makes use of this dynamic. Players choose one of the four dragon characters, each one giving the player a different type of wild during their session. Therefore, the player’s choice can directly affect the game and its outcome. By combining a level of skill or autonomy with the standard slot functionality, the mode of gameplay is expanding. Moreover, Ligthbreak Games are incorporating retro arcade gameplay into the standard online slot gameplay, meaning that player choice can greatly affect the outcome of the game.

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    Video and Audio Themes on the Rise

    We have already seen a wide variety of online slots that focus on the video content and audio content to enhance the gameplay. From a slew of music themed slots: from Jimi Hendrix to Metallica, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motorhead, and Prince – to a variety of videos being unlocked, especially in superhero themed games. The success of the content and its ability to keep players playing the game means that it will likely be utilized into 2018. Offering content instead of prizes may not go down as well, but games developers will be looking at ways in which video cutscenes, music clips and so on can further both the gameplay and entice people to continue playing to unlock further exclusive content. This may work well with the more immersive brands, such as superhero franchises, but also allows for the creation of new iconic characters, exclusively to a slot developer.

    Dedication to Slot Themes

    The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind when thinking of trends in slots. One of which will be the dedication to themes in slots. From Atlantis to Ancient Egypt to zombies, the broad themes have a great appeal with fans who know exactly what they are expecting, and with companies who can branch off from the norm and create a truly unique game. Net Entertainment, for example, turns to world history for Viking and Roman gladiator themed games – and to science for more niche themes such as Tornado Farm Escape, which looks at farming affecting by wild weather. Other companies, such as Genesis Gaming, are opting for a twist on a classic, with their Alaxe in Zombieland taking both the zombie genre and classic Alice in Wonderland to create a macabre game.

    Online slots are steaming ahead as 2018 rolls along and there is no stopping them. From adapting what currently works in the industry and incorporating new releases onto their franchise and branded slots to focusing on key themes throughout history and pop culture and giving them a makeover to adding completely new dynamics to the traditional gameplay. Online slot development often capitalizes on the newer technology before it is rolled out across the gaming industry, so trends that are seen here are often replicated in console and other forms of PC gaming later on.

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