7 Things to Check Before You Sign Up with an Online Casino

    7 Things to Check Before You Sign Up with an Online Casino

    Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it’s much safer to gamble online than offline. Massive transactions are processed on these sites every minute of the day, their SSL certificates are up-to-date and their firewall are set up according to industry standards. Besides, they allow room for gambling-related transactions on the site so long as they do not break a law.

    With so many alluring options out there, how do you know though that you’ve selected the right one? Given below are the 7 commandments of how to decide whether you should sign up with an online casino.

    Does the Casino Have a Diverse Range of Games?

    Never bet on games that you are not well-versed with. Learning while playing is a tactic that should only be resorted to if you can play that game for free. The more the number of games available, the more the number of players using that site, meaning that it is a credible one. For instance, Casinomir is one of the most trusted online casino guide in Britain because of its responsiveness to customer demands.  First and foremost, however, make sure that the casino has been certified by cross-verifying with a repository on gambling-related information. Genuine sites generally have their credentials on their site itself.

    Bet On Odds and Progressive Jackpots

    Figuring out the site’s game plan is the first and most important step on the path to financial success in online gambling. Progressive jackpots are your golden window of opportunity. As soon as they start to reach the multi-millions, they basically become money-minting machines. Similarly, games, where the odds are usually in favour of the player, are quite easy to make money from. These include Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. The house edge for these games is generally lower than 1%.

    Enquire about Banking Options

    Most online gambling sites offer customers the chance to play without betting actual money. However, if you do wish to play for money, you need to be aware of the modes of payment they accept. Usually, customers link their bankroll directly to their user profile. This bank account is dedicated solely to betting. The sites also offer membership options. Those with no unpaid dues and a penchant for frequent betting are sometimes provided with the option to pay in credit and clear their dues once a month.

    Do Not Sleep On Reward Points and Bonuses

    Rewards and bonus points are the greatest advantage that online casinos have over traditional ones. Rewards for opening an account, rewards for winning, bonuses for special winnings- it’s quite easy to accumulate these points. While they are generally can’t be encashed, you can play for points instead of money. Long-time members are gifted with loyalty points as well, apart from special offers. The catch is that most offers are usable for a limited period of time only. It is advisable to stay put in times like these if you do not have the required funds unless winning something is guaranteed at negligible investments, like in Blackjack.

    Go through the User Agreement

    Before signing up with a gambling site, always go through the lengthy list of terms and conditions that you are asked to accept. We often take this for granted, assuming that since the site has many customers, they must be user-friendly. However, this contract contains a number of important clauses touching on topics like commission, taxes, legal issues, your liabilities to the casino and others. Avoid sites with ambiguous clauses written in roundabout ways, or ones that impose wagers on non-bonus cash, withdrawal restrictions and lengthy cash out periods. If you are still unsure but that particular casino seems like the best option, start with a meagre amount.

    Research into their Security Norms

    Apart from its terms and conditions, online casinos will usually have a dedicated page to their security details for their customers to go through. Firstly, the site should be SSL certified, if not all, then at least the Payments page. If you are linking your bank account to your user account, before clicking on the “I Agree” button, carefully read and understand all the information/ resources the casino will now have access to. A quick way to decipher a gambling site’s credibility is to enquire into its game development partners. Obviously, shady casinos will not have reputable software and game developers working with them.

    Check their Customer Responsiveness

    An online casino that is responsible to its customers will always have a high response rate to customer complaints. Time is of essence in cases such as these where large sums of money are exchanged, and the site should never leave their customers anxious and waiting. The ideal casino should have a helpline number, a valid e-mail address, a separate customer complaints cell and a prominent social media presence.

    Concluding Remarks

    Seasoned gamblers have all sorts of social forums and meets. Try to talk to somebody with significant experience in the field, and also obtain a rough public opinion on that.



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