A Brief History of E-Gaming

    History of E-Gaming

    A Brief History of E-Gaming

    Ever wonder how e-gaming got its start? In this article, we’ll discuss its origins, what makes it so popular, and where the future of e-gaming might behead.

    In the Beginning

    E-Gaming, or electronic gaming, dates back to the 1950s. One of the first ever-created video games was Tennis for Two, with Spacewar! following in the 1960s. The latter quickly became popular among computer lovers everywhere, and even inspired the creation of many arcade games in the 70s. But it all really kicked off with the first console releases. The first home video console released was the Magnavox Odyssey, with Atari releasing a console not long after in the mid-70s.

    During the next several decades, arcades, which had once reigned supreme, started to fall out of fashion. Over time, they became replaced by home consoles (like PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox models), computer games (like The Sims, Doom, and Halo), online gaming (like World of Warcraft and EverQuest) and eventually mobile gaming (like Tetris, Snake, and Angry Birds). But this is only the beginning!

    Rise in Popularity

    There are many reasons that e-gaming started to take over the mainstream. First of all, technology started to greatly improve in the 90s and 00s. More games and consoles were released, and the games themselves improved dramatically: storylines became more interesting and complex, graphics improved, and lag decreased. Online gaming was introduced, which allowed players to instantly socialize and compete with other players without having to leave their home or find a friend to play with.

    Additionally, there are now massive amounts of games available, appealing to all types of players — hardcore gamers and casual fans alike. So no matter what someone is interested in, they should be able to find a game that fits their interests. Actually, they should be able to find plenty of games like this, on plenty of different platforms since virtual sites are able to frequently update what they offer. For example, online casino sites are able to update their selection much more frequently than brick-and-mortar casinos. Sites like SkyVegas frequently feature new and exclusive offerings, which keep things fresh and ever-interesting for fans.




    Most Popular E-Games

    Currently, two of the most popular types of e-gaming include e-sports (which include sports, fighting, and fantasy games) and casino games. Mobile gaming is also hugely popular because of its widespread availability and its portable nature. Even those who rarely played a computer or video game growing up have started playing mobile games to pass the time, to compete with friends, or for sheer entertainment.

    In particular, casino games have seen incredible growth online, partially due to accessibility. Many people aren’t able to travel to a physical casino, or else they want to play their favourite games instantly, and online gaming offers exactly that. They’re also great for helping players to practice slots or poker before trying out the real deal in an actual casino, playing in a tournament, or playing against friends.

    The Future of E-Gaming

    As technology continues to rapidly change, so does e-gaming. In recent years, augmented and virtual reality gaming have vastly improved, becoming more accessible and enjoyable for consumers. Many smartphone companies are working on improving current models to better support this tech since mobile gaming is one of the most popular forms of gaming today, particularly among more casual players. So expect to see more AR and VR in the future, particularly in the mobile realm.

    But AR and VR will be utilized far beyond that, with some of the most exciting applications being in e-sports and casino gaming. AR and VR offer a much more immersive, exciting experience, allowing players to fully submerge themselves into their favourite games. For example, instead of just playing poker online, you could grab a seat at the virtual world created by PokerStars VR. You could interact with other players (and look for their tells), order food and drinks (and throw it if you want), and enjoy your favourite game in a thrilling new format.

    One thing’s for sure: With games and technology continuously evolving, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to e-gaming.


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