Alice in Wonderslots

    alice in wonderslots review

    Alice In Wonderslots Slot By Playson


    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Alice in Wonderslots Slot for real here

    Are you ready to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes? If so, join Alice in her wonderful adventure, meet the characters from the popular tale and win huge payouts in this exciting online casino by Playson.

    Alice In Wonderslots is a 20 payline slot with five reels, several exciting gameplay features and a very cool design. Symbols from the popular tale appear on the tiles acting as scatters, wilds and special symbols and all the popular characters from Alice in Wonderland are right there.

    Keep reading and find out how Alice In Wonderslots works, how you can get paid and whether this is a game worth playing.

    Gameplay Features

    Alice In Wonderslots is a game with several fun features that will keep even the most demanding video slots players satisfied. The Wild symbol acts as the most potent in the game, making some great payouts possible if a full payline of Wilds is stopped.

    The Scatter symbol appears on the tiles and if you are lucky enough to stop three or more, you will be awarded 20 free spins. Additional free spins can be triggered during the free spins if more scatter symbols are stopped.

    The Alice symbol is a special symbol in this game. Whenever it appears, the symbol grows all the way to the top of the reel. For every paid of tiles with Alice in it, you will be awarded one full bet. The more Alices, the more payouts.

    All of these potential features make Alice In Wonderslots one of the more lucrative games out there and the volatility of the game is reduced significantly as you can count on plenty of money coming back even just from Alice symbols randomly appearing on the reels. Four symbols on every reel also make it a lot more possible for good combos to appear as opposed to the usual three per reel.

    Design and Audio

    Alice In Wonderslots is an amazingly well-designed slot, with popular characters appearing in their best and every single payout coming with a little animation of its own. Video slots players will enjoy playing this online casino game for all the fun animations and graphics it provides.

    The background music is something that Alice in Wonderland fans will appreciate as it sounds and feels like it came straight out of a fairytale. The game offers a soothing and relaxing feeling for the players and will surely keep you interested and engaged with its plentiful features and fun design.

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