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    NetEnt has joined forces with 20th Century Fox to produce a unique video slot. It takes online casino and online gambling to a whole new level. Aliens slot is based on the popular James Cameron/Ridley Scott sci-fi spectacle from 1979. The slot machines, unlike the horror movie, will grant a chance to win money on the colony in an online casino environment.

    Aliens provide a unique casino online experience. You will feel a part of the story with tension, horror, and the thrill only slot machines can give.

    This is definitely one of the most innovative NetEnt slot machines. The game provides level progression and action online gambling that we haven’t seen before. It resembles a first-person shooter game with three different levels of free spins.

    Aliens slot game

    Aliens Slot Game Features

    Aliens slot is a 15-payline online casino video slot featuring 5-reels and 3-rows. The minimum bet is €0.30 per spin, and the game will take you through three levels. The first level is The Search. First, you seek Alien activity in a casino online game. There are characters and symbols from the movie contributing to the overall online gambling experience.

    Filling the Activity Meter takes you to Level 2: The Encounter. The Encounter takes multipliers from level one. Players go through the level to find ammo for their Colonial Marine. Get ready to fight waves of Aliens and trigger free spins.

    Level 3 is The Hive where slot machines spins damage the Hive Health Meter. You will use grenades combined with multipliers in the center. Getting there is rare, but casino online players will enjoy the excitement and graphics of it.

    Aliens Graphics And Audio

    The graphics and audio with this slot game are definitely some of the best players can find in a casino online. With original fragments from the movie and intensifying music, the slot machine provides a horror-movie atmosphere. This translates online gambling into an action game.

    The free spins feature is a mini-game where you take your marine to destroy the aliens in the first person. We enjoyed the design and the adventure of it built in the online casino.

    Final Words

    Aliens slot is one of the best and thrilling NetEnt slot machines. If you enjoy sci-fi movies, action games, and online casino, you will love it. With the perfect combination of 15-payline slot machines, design, and action with free spins, Aliens is a must-have for an online casino.

    Online gambling has gotten better for the movie-lovers with NetEnt slot machines. The online casino definitely wins players’ favor with Aliens. The game attracts many new players with live online casino action and adventure combined with the free spins game.

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