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    If there is one theme that has been recurring in slot machines throughout the years, it is the theme of ancient Egypt. Yet, Red Tiger Gaming have managed to find a way to make this old and exhausted theme once again interesting to the general audience and slot players.

    The game features a classic 10 payline layout with 15 tiles in total. The design is what you may expect from an Egypt themed game, with the brown color of the desert dominating the game and the symbols coming straight from the history books, with pyramids and sphinx making their appearances.

    On top of all this, the game includes some very interesting features which are not found in too many other games out there, making it a great candidate if you are looking for a new slot to play.

    Ancient Script Gameplay Features

    Ancient Script is not one of those slots with a dozen different gameplay features. Instead, the game only offers a handful, but those tend to pay extremely well when they hit. The basic feature of the game is the Wild/Scatter symbol, which both substitutes all other symbols and serves as a starting symbol for the Free Spins.

    Ancient Script Casino Slot Review game

    Other than this, the Expanding Tile feature makes the game extremely interesting. At any time when you win anything, the winning symbol may turn into Expanding Tile symbol, turning all the reels on which it appears into reels full of the symbol. When the feature is triggered upon a five of a kind win, this means you will win five of a kind on each of the ten paylines, for a massive win.

    If you are lucky enough to stop the three Wild/Scatter symbols, you will activate free spins. There is no predetermined number of free spins, so you will just have to wait and see how many the game awards. During free spins, each win turns into Expanding Tiles, making every win extremely valuable.

    Ancient Script Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Ancient Script is a game designed with Egyptian theme and symbols and to be fair it does resemble plenty of previous games that had the same theme. Yet, the game does bring in some freshly designed symbols and generally looks very eye pleasing, so you will not have many complaints in that regard.

    The sounds are simple and there is only a handful of them, which may be the only downside of the game as when you are playing on fast spin mode, you will keep hearing the same sounds over and over again. Overall speaking, the features of Ancient Script alone are definitely enough for us to absolutely recommend the game to any online casino player out there.

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