Art of The Heist

    art of the heist video slot

    Art Of The Heist 


    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Art Of The Heist Video Slot for real here

    Ever watched one of those heist movies and thought to yourself “I could do that”? If you feel like you could pull off a job like the pros, here is your chance. Playson is providing you with the chance to do “one last big job” and then go riding into the sunset with bags full of cash.

    Playson have developed a slot that will draw you into the world of heists and make you not want to leave until you’ve got what you came for. Known for their desire to make every game as professional and entertaining as possible, they have recruited the best of the best, the Italian master thief Vincenzo. He is certain he can do the job and make the both of you rich along the way.


    Design And Audio

    Art Of The Heist starts with a cinematic opening in the vein of the Pink Panther cartoon. Like many of Playson’s wonderful opening introductions to their online video slots, this one treats you to a heist in progress. Vincenzo silently enters the museum and encounters a mummy. He manages to escape the mummy and bag the treasured painting.

    Always creating new visually attractive openings for their slots, Playson treats their fans to another gem with an admirable user interface and an enticing background. The game is set at night time in a museum that houses the slot reels.

    The slow jazz in the background is the perfect soundtrack for Vincenzo to sneak around the museum’s reels while you play. The night provides a perfect cover and you even see a shooting star from time to time in the back. Easily one of the better themes and music for a slot.


    Gameplay Features

    This innovative slot has the standard 5 reels, 3 rows and 21 paylines, and brings additional features to the table. You will come across several symbols that help you in your heist. The Wild chest symbol is the slot’s Wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols but the bonus. It will also give you a chance to get more Free spins.

    A special feature is the Robber’s Pathway; Vincenzo moves through the museum influenced by certain symbols. If he happens to make it through the pathway, you win Free spins. Interacting with some of the symbols can get you either more Free spins, initiate the Bonus game or hold Vincenzo in position for 3 spins.

    When Vincenzo makes it to the end of the Robber’s Pathway, you activate the Free spins. You will be awarded 10 Free spins and can play all the Free spins you gained during the base game. To remind you of the number of Free spins you earned, there is a counter on the right-hand side with a diamond atop.

    Land the bonus portrait on the reels and access the Bonus room of the game. An additional screen will help you navigate Vincenzo through the backroom where the discharge switch to the masterpiece is hidden. If you guess correctly, you enter the Treasure Room Bonus Room and win even bigger. A Free spins round waits for you.



    The Art of the Heist is a creative, fun and intricate slot that promises you will enjoy it all the way to the end. The background music is a special feature which makes it all the more enjoyable. When you open all the bonus features, you will either win big or win even more.


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