Atari Announces Plans to Launch Their Own Gaming Cryptocurrency

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    Earlier this month, renowned developer of arcade games Atari has confirmed they have plans to create a crypto-currency called Atari Token. Although this was already mentioned in December, recent press releases have made it clearer and included the name of a development partner.

    Atari Gaming Cryptocurrency

    Atari SA has a 17.5% stake in Infinity Networks Ltd. Atari SA licensed their brand to a company based in Gibraltar. Together, both companies plan to create a platform for digital entertainment based on the blockchain. Atari Token will act as the default currency.

    Atari mentioned the deal includes no expenditure. The Infinity Network platform remains in development. The deal will see Ron Dimant, gaming world creator, and Daniel Doll-Steinberg, derivative trading platform creator, advising the project. After the announcement, the Paris-based company saw a rise of over 50% in their stock prices.

    Bloomberg reports that other companies saw their stock prices rise as well after going into crypto-currencies. For example, Long Island Iced Tea was once unprofitable company. They saw their stock value jump 183% after re-branding as Long Blockchain Corp. in December 2017.

    Atari Gaming Cryptocurrency

    Eastman Kodak Co. was the leading photography company in the world. Ultimately, however, they were unprepared for the future of digital photography. They were struggling for a long time. Finally, they decided to partner up with a company

    offering blockchain services to pay for paparazzi pictures. After joining forces last month, the company’s stock jumped 245% in only two days after the news broke.

    Pariplay – Atari Partnership

    The Atari announcement noted the company plans to expand their partnership with Pariplay. Pariplay is a renowned online casino software developer, platform provider, and aggregator. The partnership between Atari and Pariplay began in late 2014. It started with the launch of the Atari Casino. The casino featured gambling for real money and games such as Centipede and Asteroids.

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    Atari themes featured in online video slots can be found in all gambling operators that use the Pariplay platform. Pong is just the latest release from the Atari/Pariplay partnership and was announced several weeks ago.

    Pariplay services can be found in a wide range of online casinos that have been reviewed favorably by UK gaming sites. NetBet is the first UK licensed casino that accepted Bitcoin transactions in October 2016. Atari noted they plan to launch a wide range of new online casinos in cooperation with Pariplay. The casinos will accept bets in both real money and a long list of popular crypto-currencies.


    Atari Gaming Cryptocurrency – Frederic Chesnais, CEO of Atari

    The new sites will include Atari/Pariplay online video slots. The company plans to launch its second crypto-currency Pong Token after the first one is established. Atari plans to dedicate Pong Token exclusively to crypto-casinos. Reuters reports the details of the launch of a crypto-casino will be disclosed very soon.

    New Token for New Age?

    Frederic Chesnais, CEO and chairman of Atari, said that blockchain technology is set to take a critical role. It should revolutionize the gaming environment. He continued saying it will transform the present economic ecosystem. The main impact will focus on online transactions and the gaming industry.

    It is uncertain if the Atari Token will make a big difference among the 1,500 existing alt-coins. Unless it wants to be perceived as antique, Atari needs to break out on the market that is worth well over half a trillion dollars.

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