Attraction Slot Game Review

    Attraction slot
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    Attraction Slot Machine

    NetEnt likes to make unique slots and Attraction slot is certainly one of them. Attraction falls into the category of slot machines you won’t find just anywhere. It features several exciting gameplay features.

    The Attraction slot is an exciting game with science as the main theme. If you are a fan of physics, this online casino game will appeal to you. Online gambling fans have given it top ratings as one of the finest casino online games in the slot machines category.

    Attraction Slot Features

    Attraction is a relatively simple online casino game, and unlike many online casino slot machines, it does not feature any Free Spins features. Instead, the game places a magnet next to one row or reel every spin. If a Wild symbol appears on that row or reel, a re-spin is awarded.

    During the re-spin, the Wild turns into a Sticky Wild along all symbols between it and the magnet. In the re-spin, two magnets are placed, and if Wild symbols appear on rows or reels where magnets are placed, they also turn into Sticky Wilds.

    This process can go on for a while, and you can end up with plenty of Sticky Wilds on the table. While there are no Free spins in this online casino game, you can end up winning plenty. A table with several Sticky Wilds can quickly pay you as much as a round of Freespins.

    The lack of Freespins only makes this online casino game more consistent and lower variance. Since there is no online casino or network jackpot either, you can expect fairly regular wins playing Attraction. Slot machines with big jackpots can be harsh on your bankroll. This is fine with some, but for those who prefer lower variance, Attraction represents an excellent choice for their casino online gambling experience.

    Attraction Slot

    Attraction Graphics And Audio

    The graphics of Attraction are based on science. Symbols used in this online casino slot machine are those of atoms and various science gadgets. The effects of attracting the Wild symbol and transformation to Sticky Wild are quite exciting.

    This online casino slot is very modern looking and features some pretty advanced graphics. Science is the dominant theme of the game, and it can be found in every element of the slot.

    Are You Attracted?

    In the sea of online casino slot machines, there is something for everyone. Not everyone looking to play at a casino online will be impressed by the Attraction slot, but there are those online casino and slot machines players who will probably love it. The cartoonish feeling and lack of free spins may turn away some looking for a more serious online gambling experience. That said, many online casino players are sure to enjoy funny and relaxing online casino experience provided by this slot.

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