Click2Pay | Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting Click2Pay

    Click2Pay logoClick2Pay is a popular eWallet system for making instant online casino deposits launched in 2003. Click3Pay is a subsidiary of Wire Card AG and is based in Berlin, Germany, registered as Click2Pay GmbH. The Clcik2Pay eWallet system is also very popular for making deposits and also cash outs at online casinos and betting sites. This is because both are almost always instant. Click2Pay is ideal for all online gambling transactions. The service offers total built-in security, thanks to advanced SSL security. The 128-bit digital encryption technology secures both ends of the transaction process.

    The Click2Pay eWallet service is available in a number of countries and currencies. Its main focus is in the German, Austrian and Russian markets. Click2Pay is used mostly as a fast, efficient and secure way to fund online casinos and bookmakers. Using the Click2Pay system is very simple and the entire process from registration to funding your account is very user-friendly.

    To begin the process, visit the Click2Pay website to register for a free user account. It is important to note that the system relies on a “feeding account”. This basically means that you need to have a regular bank account or a credit card or debit card. The reason that it is important has to do with the how the registration and initiation process works. See how to get Click2Pay in the next section.

    Getting Started With Click2Pay

    Once on the Click2Pay website, you will need to provide a number of personal details. These will include the following:

    • Name
    • contact details (mobile number)
    • a valid email address
    • Your bank account details
    • Bank details need to be connected to your Click2Pay account

    The reason for this is quite simple. Click2Pay will need to withdraw a nominal amount of money (usually around $5) which is used to link the two accounts. You will be refunded the money in about a week. Once the registration and linking processes are complete, Click2Pay will also call you on the mobile number. This is the number that you submitted. They will confirm all the information that you submitted during your registration process.

    The registration process is fairly lengthy. The actual registration takes around ten minutes to complete. However, Click2Pay can take up to two days to fully verify all your details and account data. Luckily this is the longest part of the process. The normal day to day functioning, that is to say, making online casino deposits is much quicker and easier.

    The same can be said for making ash outs. Click2Pay is one of the fastest systems available for online casinos and betting sites. It is also important to note that all new clients begin with a low “Star Rating”. The star rating is Click2Pay’s own internal rating system. This tells you how much you are able to spend or move through your account. This is within a seven day period which may or may not affect your online casino deposits. However, the more often that you use your account, the faster your star rating will increase. This means that you will be able to cash out or deposit more at a time.