Credit Cards | Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting Credit Cards

    Credit cardsThere are many great online payment systems such as:

    • eWallets
    • Prepaid cards
    • Voucher systems
    • Internet bank transfers

    However, credit cards still remain one of the most popular payment methods for online transacting.

    This is also true of online casinos and betting sites where more gamblers use a lot of different credit cards. These cards are used to make online casino deposits safely and securely. They are also used for making cash outs.

    Using credit cards for online casino banking is:

    • Very safe and secure
    • It is also very convenient
    • It is also very easy to do

    Some users prefer not to divulge their credit card details with online casinos. This concern is in fact not realistic. The truth is that all world-class online casinos use top SSL encryption protocols. These are installed to protect their client’s valuable and sensitive credit card information.

    How do Credit Cards work?

    There are many different credit card types. Most of which can be used at a wide variety of online casinos. However, there are only essentially three or four different credit card brands to choose from. These include:

    Out of these, Visa and MasterCard are by far the most popular and most widely used. Making Visa credit card deposits or MasterCard credit card deposits is a simple process. Using these methods to make online casino cash outs depends largely on the online casinos. Sometimes it may be best to contact your online casino’s support team. You can then find out their policies regarding Visa credit card or MasterCard cash outs, just to be sure.

    In some cases, an online casino or even your actual bank will not allow you to use credit cards. This mostly only means cash outs are affected. In this case, you will have to use another method for your cash outs. You can use an e-Wallet or a direct bank transfer instead.

    There are two ways to find out what your online casino will allow:

    1. Check your online casino’s terms and conditions page regarding their banking policies
    2. Simply contact your online casino’s support team and ask them what you can or can’t do.

    Are Credit Cards safe and fast?

    To fund your online casino account simply visit your online casino banking page and click on the credit card option. From the credit cards page, you can then select from any of the credit card options which are available including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Amex and others. Note that many branded credit cards that are either branded by your specific bank or other service are still within the Visa or MasterCard credit card banking network and will work in exactly the same way.

    Once you have selected your preferred credit card option, fill in your sixteen digit MasterCard/Visa credit card number along with the name that is printed on the card, the expiry details and the CVV (card verification code/CVC) number which is on the back of the card. Next fill in the amount that you would like to deposit and double check that all information submitted is correct before confirming the transaction to complete the process.

    Your deposit will reflect in your casino account immediately and to make withdrawals you will need to follow the same procedure (if your preferred credit card options allow for this procedure). It is important to note that MasterCard is less available as a withdrawal option than VISA is due to MasterCard’s own policies. It takes more or less the same amount of time for funds as it does for VISA which is usually three to seven banking days.