EcoCard | Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting EcoCard

    EcoCardEcoCard is the original brand name of another popular online casino payment system, EcoPayz. You will see most online casinos and web stores display both EcoCard and EcoPayz brands on their sites. They are actually one and the same digital payment option.

    EcoCard got launched in 2000 and is owned by British-based financial services company, PsiPay Ltd. Both the EcoCard and EcoPayz systems are popular in the online gambling world. Both options can be used for making safe online casino deposits. They can also be used for making fast cash outs.

    Another feature that makes the brand very popular is their strict financial regulation. This is done through the UK FCA. The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority ensures that all transactions are safe and above board.

    How does EcoCard work?

    Signing up for an ecoAccount is a very simple procedure. New clients can sign up for the basic ecoAccount known as the ‘Classic’. This type of account needs only the most basic sign up requirements and is the fastest to sign up for.

    All that is needed for this basic level is:

    • A username
    • Password
    • Valid email address

    Once the sign-up procedure is completed, you will get a confirmation email. This email contains a link back to your new ecoAccount. The ecoAccount system consists of a number of different levels including:

    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • VIP

    Each level offers better benefits including higher withdrawal levels and lower account fees. The ecoAccount application is also available on mobile for both:

    – Android

    – iOS operating systems

    This makes the entire system more efficient and practical for online casino gamblers to use on the go.

    Using the EcoCard to make online casino or bookmaker deposits is exactly the same as using the EcoPayz option.

    • The first step is to log into your online casino account and click on the casino banking option.
    • The next step is to click on the eWallet option or tab. This depends on your online casino banking page
    • Under the eWallet option, find the EcoCard logo and click on it
    • The next step is to enter the amount that you wish to deposit in your online casino account
    • Hit enter, you will now be redirected to your EcoCard Account.

    Is EcoCard safe and fast?

    The ecoAccount payment page will instruct you how to proceed as well as present several payment options. This can include your:

    • ecoAccount
    • EcoCard
    • The newer eco Virtual card

    Most online casinos do not charge any other fees when using EcoCard or EcoPayz.

    Making secure online casino cash outs is done in exactly the same way as the online casino deposits. The funds withdrawn will appear instantly in your ecoAccount.

    Again, most online casinos do not charge any other fees for withdrawing using EcoCard or EcoPayz.

    However, the newer ecoVirtualcard cannot be used for making online casinos withdrawals. This is because it functions as a onetime payment system, similar to prepaid cards.