Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting MasterCards

    MastercardMasterCard is a global credit card service and is a lot like the VISA card. MasterCard is used in over two hundred countries all over the world. The brand is accepted at millions of points of sale (POS) including retail and wholesale outlets.

    MasterCard is also accepted for web payments on

    • e-Commerce websites
    • Major retail outlets such as
      • Amazon
      • Apple
      • Walmart
    • And many others.

    MasterCard is also one of the most popular online casino banking options in the world. The card is accepted by virtually every online casino or bookmaker on the web.

    How does it work?

    This card works in exactly the same way as all major credit cards. The card is linked to your regular bank account. A credit card works in a similar way to taking a loan from your bank. You can make payments against this loan. This includes making deposits to your online casino account. This works even if you do not have an actual cash flow in your bank account.

    MasterCard makes the payment on your behalf and is guaranteed by the bank. You then pay the bank back once you have funds available in your account. This is automatically deducted and transferred to your account.

    Applying for a card is done within your bank. This can be completed online or inside the physical bank itself. Since obtaining a credit card is very similar to obtaining a loan, the procedure is in-depth and can be quite complicated.

    Your bank will usually conduct a credit check as well as analyze your monthly income before issuing you with a MasterCard. They will also calculate your level of credit based on these findings. It is also interesting to note that you do not have to go through your bank. You can get a MasterCard credit card from a licensed financial provider.

    This includes a number of large licensed retail outlets as well as select popular eWallets. They are authorized to issue virtual or real credit cards. This creates a very convenient service. You can fund your online casino or betting site directly with your MasterCard.

    Is MasterCard safe and fast?

    To fund your online casino account simply visit the banking page. Then click on the credit cards option. Select the MasterCard option from the drop down menu.

    Next, fill in your 16 digit credit card number. Fill in the name that is printed on the card, the expiry details, and the CVV (card verification code/CVC) number. The CVV number is on the back of the card.

    Next fill in the amount that you would like to deposit. Finally, double check that all information submitted is correct. Confirm the transaction to complete the process. Your deposit will reflect in your casino account immediately. To cash out, you will need to follow the same procedure. It is important to note that MasterCard is less available as a withdrawal option than VISA is due to their policies. It takes more or less the same amount of time for funds as it does for VISA which is usually three to seven banking days.