POLi | Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting POLi

    PoliPoli is a specialized online payment system which focuses much of its services on the New Zealand and Australian markets. Essentially the POLi system is a go-between the residents of these two countries who hold online bank accounts and a variety of websites including web stores and online casinos.

    There are currently around seven New Zealand banks and around nineteen Australian banks who offer Poli related services. Account holders at these banks are able to make online payments at different web stores. They can also make deposits at online casinos and betting sites.

    Poli is very popular with Australians and New Zealand online casino gamblers. It allows for safe and fast online transacting without the need for the use of credit or debit card. In fact, to use this payment solution, users do not need to have a credit card or debit card as a prerequisite.

    How to start

    The main thing needed to qualify is to have an active internet bank account. This needs to be at any one of the banks that are part of the Poli program. The big advantage of this is that there is no need to sign up to Poli. This is different to how many of the other online eWallet systems work. New clients simply need to ensure that they have enough money in their bank accounts. The service uses the standard banking environment of their banks.

    This payment system is fast, safe and efficient. The way that the system works is also quite simple. Users must select the Poli option (usually during the checkout stage) from the website they are purchasing from. They will then see the pop-up window appear.

    From there the user simply needs to select their bank along with the amount that needs to be paid to the recipient. The user will then be redirected to their own login page for their bank. After logging in, they will see that the Poli page is already filled in with all the necessary details.

    The user then makes sure that all details are correct. You are redirected to the recipients (web merchant, online casino) website, after confirmation. Poli actually sends a payment receipt in real time. One to the user’s email address and one to the recipient’s email address in real. The process is fast, reliable and very safe from start to finish. There charge no extra fees.

    Making a deposit

    To make online casino deposits, log in to your online casino. Next, open their casino banking page. From the casino banking page, select the Poli option. The above procedure will take place. Fill in the amount that you wish to deposit and follow the process. Confirm when asked, and within a few minutes the entire process will be completed.

    Online casino deposits reflect immediately and there are no additional fees to be concerned with. Remember, you can`t make online casino cash outs with POLi, which is the only downside to the payment system. You need to select another method for this process.