Online Casinos & Betting Sites Accepting Visa Cards

    Visa logoOne of the best payment methods available is Visa, which is accepted almost everywhere. It is not surprising since this is one of the most trusted and convenient methods of payment available. Online casinos use it, as well as different sports betting websites, you can use it for both online and offline shopping activities, and various other transactions.

    Visa Inc. is a financial services corporation with headquarters in Foster City, California. The company offers electronic funds transfers with Visa-branded credit and debit cards. Visa participates in different operations around the world. Almost all Visa transactions made worldwide are processed through VisaNet, that has two secure facilities: Operations Center East and Operations Center Central. Both data centers are secured against natural disasters or possible terrorist attacks. However, if necessary, they can operate separately and without the help of external. Besides centers can process up to 30,000 simultaneous transactions, which is impressive. Each of these transactions is examined with 500 variables. There are one hundred fraud-detection parameters included in these safety checks, which can provide information on the locations of both merchant and customer, and can even tell spending habits of the client.

    Visa Account

    The process of online payments requires entering information about the Card: number of the Credit or Debit Card, due date, owner´s name and verification code or CVC, which consists of last three digits of the Card number on its back. Of course, you also need to fill in the exact amount of money you want to transfer. Realization of payment follows immediately.

    If you are withdrawing money with your Visa Credit or Debit Card, for instance from online casinos or foreign exchange trading companies, you will be required to enter the vital information about your Visa Card for the transaction to be successful. Moreover, this option has quick processing time, and it is much faster than bank transfer.

    It is important to mention that fees are not same for all Visa payment methods since they are determined by the banks, not by Visa company itself. Services charges are a necessary part of every transaction, and they can usually be around 1% of the amount that is transferred.


    The most important thing to know for this payment service is that your details are safe. As it is previously mentioned, there are many security checks and extensive fraud protection actions. Nevertheless, you must be aware of making payments in online casinos and other sites which are reliable and trustworthy.


    Using Visa cards as your payment option has more benefits than drawbacks, primarily because it is accepted everywhere in the world. It is a simple and safe way of money transaction with easy online access for clients to register their purchases. Everything you buy using Visa card is protected in case of possible damage or theft in the period of 90 days from the day of purchase. The same rule applies to the things you want to return. On the other hand, there are fees which you should check individually with banks which issues cards, which is not a big price to pay after all considering the safety of your funds.