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    WebMoney logoWebMoney is an innovative online payment platform which provides instant funds transfers. It offers two versions of software: WM Keeper Classic separate downloadable application; and WM Keeper Light, a browser application that does not require any downloads. Your virtual wallet provides instant money transfers, and can be funded by a cash deposit, bank transfer, prepaid WM Card, CashU prepaid card or e-currency exchange. Once your account has been funded, you can purchase casino credits instantly of the WebMoney casino sites.


    WebMoney Account

    The registration process is not as simple as some other payment methods registrations, but considering the extent of services and safety you will receive, it is worth your time. It is caused by extra security measures that WebMoney provides. Once you visit WebMoney site, you will sign up.

    The site will require from you to enter your personal identification information, as well as register your funding method for your new e-wallet account. Verification of the personal information needs to be done via email and SMS. After this, you can set up your e-currency and select which passport you want to use. After your request is approved, you will receive your account number, called WMID along with further instruction.

    The account is available for most of the countries including Russia, Ukraine, European countries, U.S. and U.A.E. However, it is necessary to have in mind that not all services are available to everyone. For instance, residents of the United States cannot use WebMoney for gambling related transactions.



    When it comes to the security and privacy, the company provides the latest technology. The verification process is the key elements to the account´s safety. The WebMoney Transfer provides three main authentication methods like the login password, secret keys files, and personal digital certificates.

    Besides, there are two ways for additional confirmation of the transactions such are SMS verification code and using the E-Num, which provides single-use passwords. WebMoney system allows safe access to WM-wallets and settlements with WM-wallets with no funds are not allowed.

    During the transaction process, the funds can either be on WM-wallet of the sender, or WM-wallet of the receiver, which means that there is no intermediate state. That way it is impossible to lose WM-funds.

    WM Keeper can help you to organize your personal information such as first name, last name, e-mail, postal address, and other information that you want to be visible for other participants of WebMoney Transfer. Therefore, in the transfer process, the second party will see only information selected by you.



    Considering the simple use, quick processing and high level of security, WebMoney is certainly one of the best payment methods available. Unless you are an American citizen, you can use it to fund your online casino and sports betting sites without any fear of possible scams and manipulations. Besides, WebMoney account can be funded in several easy ways which make it an excellent option for all those who want to track the amount of money they spend and get in online gambling sites.