Basketball Betting Guide | Learn To Bet On Basketball

    Basketball bettingAlong with football, basketball is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the world. As is the case with any popular sport, basketball betting has also grown into a massive industry, with thousands of punters placing bets on upcoming basketball games and getting that extra bit of thrill by having their team not only win the match but also some money for them.

    Basketball is a fast paced game with plenty of action and excitement throughout the match. This allows for even more betting opportunities than slower paced sports like football and makes it a very exciting sport to bet in-play.

    Forms Of Basketball Betting

    Basketball betting includes many different markets and gives punters many opportunities to try and win some cash. The most basic market for basketball betting is the money line betting. Money line betting allows a punter to place their money on the outcome of the match or rather which team is going to win the game straight up. The bookmaker sets the odds based on which team is hosting, what kind of form the teams are playing on and other important statistics. Strong home teams will always be offered at lower price while weak hosts may give you huge returns when they pull of surprise wins.

    To make the basketball betting market more even, bookmakers use handicap betting, or also known as spread betting in the US. Instead of offering a huge discrepancy in odds, the bookmaker will give one team a handicap. For instance a +10.5 handicap means the team will be starting the match with 10.5 points and the other side will need to win by 11 or more. This allows betting sites to offer odds close to even money on both sides and make the playing field more level. Many punters prefer the handicap betting as it offers the path of lesser variance.

    The totals market is another popular basketball betting market. Totals betting is betting on the overall number of points the teams will score in a match, also known as under/over. A line is set at some number depending on the teams playing and you are able to place your money on more or fewer points to be scored. The odds on this market are usually about even as the bookie uses the line they determine to be fair.

    Other than these, there are many other basketball betting markets you can take advantage of. Another popular form of basketball betting is placing money on outright winners of leagues and tournaments such as the Olympic tournament.

    Basketball Betting Odds And Promotions

    With so many online bookmakers offering basketball betting, bettors can make use of the many discrepancies in odds offered as well as the numerous basketball betting promotions on offer. Many bookies offer basketball as one of their favored betting markets, which makes extra promotions, free bets and bonuses available for basketball bettors.

    What is more, having accounts with multiple bookmakers gives you an opportunity to get the best odds for every single match you have in mind. While only playing with a single brick and mortar bookmaker forces you to accept their odds, the online basketball betting market allows you to shop around and always find the very best odds out there.

    In-Play Basketball Betting

    Basketball is probably one of the most exciting sports to bet in-play. Once the ball is in the air and things are happening, punters can make use of a great number of exciting betting options to make things more interesting while watching the match and use their knowledge of the game to break substantial profits.

    In-play basketball betting is now offered at most online bookmakers, especially for major basketball leagues such as the NBA. What could possibly be more fun than watching a late night NBA match from your home in Europe and placing live bets on what team will win the quarter or how many points will be scored in the next ten minutes.

    Getting Started With Basketball Betting

    Basketball betting is now more available than ever in the past. Make sure to take full use of the opportunities offered by online bookmakers and take your basketball betting to a new level. Check out individual bookies for basketball promotions and best odds for every match and never miss on a penny again.