Betsoft 15-12-2019

    Tycoons Slot Review

    Tycoons Online Casino Slot While the name of this online casino slot from Betsoft suggests you are dealing with a rich and influential oil magnate, the first look at Tycoons would make you think otherwise. It feels more like you’re dealing with rather a shady businessman or mafia boss, with all the symbols pointing to […]

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    Betsoft 11-12-2019

    Weekend in Vegas Slot Review

    Weekend in Vegas Online Casino Slot Are you one of those who’d like to enjoy a fancy and entertaining weekend in Las Vegas, but can’t bring yourself to spend a lot of money on plane tickets, a taxi, a hotel room and then still have enough disposable cash to get even? Well, don’t despair because […]

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    Betsoft 09-12-2019

    The Tipsy Tourist Slot Review

    The Tipsy Tourist Online Casino Slot This intricate slot is one of the few that Betsoft Games developed featuring an introduction sequence, but it is an intro that will warm you to the game nonetheless. It starts with a disgruntled office employee that wants to go for a vacation and rest and immediately jumps on […]

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    Betsoft 07-12-2019

    True Illusions Slot Review

    True Illusions Online Casino Slot Some say the bigger, the better, and others that less is more. Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re talking about, or, in the case of online casino slots, on the platform. The appeal of most online casino slots is that you can play them on all devices besides your […]

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    Betsoft 15-10-2019

    Who Spun It Slot Review

    Who Spun It Online Casino Slot With Who Spun It? Betsoft has developed one of the more entertaining and creative 3D animated online casino slots you will find anywhere. Never one to shy away from putting all the best in their online video slots, the folks at Betsoft have packed this wonderfully entertaining game with […]

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    Betsoft 13-10-2019

    Viking Age Slot Review

    Viking Age Online Casino Slot Thanks to a long and rich history, Northern Europe has had its fair share of influence on various media, be it books, movies, TV shows, or in this case, online casino slots. This time the Vikings are loose and in search for adventure, gold, fame and immortality. You are invited […]

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    Betsoft 12-10-2019

    Under the Sea Slot Review

    Under the Sea Online Casino Slot Betsoft has a lot of experience with developing online casino slots that take their influence from popular culture, creating their own little worlds inside their games. With Under the Sea they decided to give it a shot and try to literally place their adventure “under the sea”. This has […]

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    Betsoft 11-10-2019

    Under the Bed Slot Review

    Under the Bed Online Casino Slot Those who wonder if there is something under their bed in the dark should look no further. Betsoft has the answer with Under the Bed, another high-quality online casino slot with a great premise and special bonus features. Join the siblings Jesse and Jane in battling the creatures that […]

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    three wishes casino slot
    Betsoft 07-10-2019

    Three Wishes Slot Review

    Three Wishes Online Casino Slot With their newest addition to their vast collection of 3D-animated online casino slots, Betsoft urges you to travel to a faraway place and find the magic lamp that grants you anything you could dream of. The friendly wish-granting genie will take you on an adventure that is filled with chances […]

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    Betsoft 06-10-2019

    The True Sheriff Slot Review

    The True Sheriff Online Casino Slot Fans of entertaining and amusing online casino slots always look for high-quality online gambling experience. Betsoft is always eager to provide this kind of entertainment with their exciting casino slots that feature an abundance of amazing graphics and 3D animations, great audio and thrilling bonus features that will make […]

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