Betting Systems

    Betting systems

    For the vast majority of punters, sports betting is just a pastime. It’s an activity that usually does not always yield a large profit. However, some sports bettors don’t like to lose and do their best to make a profit. Making a profit in sports gambling is actually very difficult. This is why many punters try to use these tried and tested methods to beat the bookies.

    Many systems exist out there. While some of them are the complete myth, others are actually fairly legit. When used well, they can increase the chances of winning or reduce the variance of your bets. We have examined a few common online betting systems. We will go over the general idea of how you can use these methods to improve your odds of winning.

    The Martingale

    The Martingale system is one of the most commonly used gambling systems in the world. This strategy is a mathematical progression system which ensures the punter wins in the long run. The basic principle is simple. A punter places a bet. If they win, they take the winnings. If they lose, they place another bet. Every following bet should be big enough to cover any previous loss plus a small profit.

    The Martingale works out quite well for the most part, but the problem with it is that it can require a very big bankroll. No matter how good the odds are, strings of many losing bets will happen. At times like these, you will need tons of cash on hand in order to continue to place appropriate wagers.

    Also, most bookmakers have limits on how much you can bet per match. The risk can simply overweigh the reward, as the eventual winning is always very slight and the bet you need to place can be huge. Martingale may work for a while and you may end up winning tons of money with it. Just remember to be careful and not overextend yourself.

    Other Mathematical Betting Systems

    There are many forms of betting progressions and systems you can apply to sports betting. In each case, the method may give you a slight theoretical advantage. They usually require a massive bankroll and a bookmaker who has no limits on betting as well as an incredible power of will.

    This is why using these methods are not really a brilliant idea for the most part. It can be fun to run them for a while as an experiment, or simply hoping to be lucky. However, do not expect mathematical methods to get you massive winnings anytime soon.

    Bonus Hunting

    While not an official online betting system, we want to talk about bonus hunting. This is one of the best ways to turn a small bankroll into a big one in a relatively short period of time.

    Scour the internet, find every bookmaker who will award you with a bonus when you place your wagers. Make sure you make use of each and every bonus on offer! Do not hesitate to quit a bookmaker the moment you clear their bonus. Just move to another bookie to clear yet another bonus of free bet.

    With all the free money that is floating around the internet, there is a really little reason not to take advantage. There are multiple bookies out there who are providing offers which can build up a significant bankroll. Once you are done, there is nothing preventing you from moving on. You can keep on making, even more, money using any of the other methods.

    Don’t Get Trapped By The Systems

    Many online betting systems exist out there, but none of them will really make you a millionaire overnight. In fact, if any promise you this, it is likely a complete hoax. Make sure you don’t get too deep into any system. NEVER risk more of a bankroll than you can afford to lose.

    However slight the chances are of losing, remember that most of these methods only offer slight winnings. Also, there’s always the potential of a huge loss if you are a little unlucky. Weigh all the pros and cons and make sure you are always gambling with an edge. The best way to gamble with an edge are surely the bonuses, so remember to use those as often as possible!