Big Bang Slot Game Review

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    NetEnt’s Big Bang Slot Machine

    If you’re visiting an online casino being into online gambling and space exploration, you should definitely check out Big Bang slot machines. Big Bang is a space-themed slot game by Net Entertainment. We all know online casino loves space themes and NetEnt used it perfectly in this exciting online gambling adventure.

    Big Bang Slot

    Big Bang Slot Features

    Big Bang is one of the best 4-reel and 25-payline slot machines by NetEnt we’ve seen so far. While it misses Free spins and extra games, the multiplier in Big Bang is probably the highest players can find in online casino slot machines. The Multiplier Meter increases after every spin with a winning combination. It builds from 1x to 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and ultimately 32x after six consecutive winning spins.

    Although it’s a hard chance to make six consecutive wins, the multiplier enhances the player’s chance to win. Many argue the missing Free spins usual for casino online we’re all used to. However, such a high Multiplier in slot machines perfectly replaces it. The symbols in Big Bang include planets and playing cards which, together with the soundtrack, make this a well-rounded space online gambling game. 5 Red symbols dropping on an active payline bring a 1000-coin jackpot which can be additionally multiplied depending on your current Multiplier Meter level.

    Big Bang Slot Graphics And Audio

    The space theme is very well-incorporated in the online casino gameplay with premium-designed symbols and good graphics. The solid sounds accomplish our idea of a fun and somewhat mystic online casino. The soundtrack could be a bit more energetic, but it would probably fail to convey the space feeling as good as it currently does.

    The drum speed is just enough to keep you busy but not dizzy. This fits well with a number of NetEnt slot machines. The mystic signature tune is a great change for players turning to the online casino from poker or sports betting.

    Final Words

    Big Bang is a good break from standard slot machines in online casinos. NetEnt switches from standard Free spins to the Multiplier Meter which can bring up to 32x winnings. The futuristic looks are nothing strange for the online casino games, but Big Bang does bring a sharp look and aura to the gambling experience!

    We usually love the newest NetEnt slot machines, and Big Bang is no different. The online casino experience with Big Bang is much more calm and relaxing, and you don’t need a telescope to watch the planets while winning money.

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