Biggest Casino Heists of All Time

    Biggest Casino Heists of All Time

    Casino heists is a plot featured in countless movies, and many find it fascinating. Some even get so hung up on it that actually try to mimic it in real life. The truth is, many of the heists portrayed on movies happened in real life and are true stories. That being said, before you try and do something of the sort, you better know that casinos will most likely notice it.

    There are many well-known casino scams throughout history that happened to the best casinos, and of course, didn’t go unpunished. Yet, some lucky hustlers managed to get away with it. If you’re interested to know which the biggest heists in casino history were, sit back, grab some popcorn and get ready for some real action!


    The Crown Casino Inside Job

    The Crown Casino has always been a symbol of a successful casino, yet, some managed to rob it, and rob it good. The heist was an inside job, a plan made by a security operator and a player on a high-roller table. The security operator used his job position to monitor the cameras that were put over high-roller tables and shared insights of other high-rollers’ cards to his partner in crime. The player placed bets accordingly and they managed to swipe $32 million.

    Although their plan was successful for a period of time, the succession of high paying hands became suspicious. But, believe it or not, though they were caught, they managed to return the money and go free without serving time for their crime.

    And The Crown Casino has been involved in some shady people:


    The Bill Brennan’s Stardust Perfect Crime

    We’ve learned from movies that the perfect crimes and especially perfect casino heists require an elaborate planning. But after you read about this one, your opinion will change for good. A simple casino employee Bill Brennan. He devoted many years to the Stardust Casino and seemed modest and hard-working. Bill managed to pull off the simplest heist in the casino history.

    The unforeseen act happened on a normal working day when Bill decided to walk away from his shift with pockets full of chips and cash. No one has heard of him ever since and he still remains on the Most Wanted FBI list.


    Laser Eyes at the Ritz

    3 Eastern European players, 2 male Serbians and one Hungarian female managed to organize the most technologically advanced heist ever, in the Ritz Casino in London. They embedded a laser scanner in their mobile phones in order to calculate the roulette wheel’s speed and predict where the ball will land.

    They went into the casino one night, won £100.000, used their laser scanning technology and returned next night. This time, they won £1.2 million. This triggered suspicion, so the casino checked the cameras and was convinced there was a foul play. They ended up arrested under suspicion, however, as there were no laws against cheating in a casino, the judge stated that they have done nothing illegal, ruled in their favor and let them go along with the £1.3 million.

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