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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Birds! Slot for real here

    When it comes to innovative online casino slots, Betsoft has figured it out very well. Each new slot comes with a new concept and pushes the limits of what to expect from this modern company. Birds! is another well-done and thought-through online gambling experience with a fun musical theme, and graphics and animations in the vein of Disney and Pixar. This promises to be awesome.

    You will almost instantly fall in love with this online casino slot, if not for the quirky music that will cheer you up, but for the lovely and adorable birds that fly across the reels. This 5-reel, 3-row slot comes with no ordinary paylines, but with a whole new concept for getting your wins.

    Design and Audio

    Fans of 3D animated birds will feel at home with this Betsoft-developed online casino slot, if just for the cute little feathery pals that hop and fly across the reels, or electricity pylons in this case. Set somewhere in an idyllic, colourful little town during the base game, coupled with a fun and playful tune, the cartoonish birds will lighten up your mood and boost your online gambling experience.

    All the regular slot symbols have been switched for little animated birds, which come in various colours and unique appearances. Even the Wild symbol is represented by a multicoloured little bird, and substitutes for all other symbols, or in this case, birds.

    Birds Slot Review game

    Gameplay Features

    During each spin, 15 of our little birds will fly onto the reels, hopefully forming a winning combination and then fly away. Then, their pals will drop down and let another set of birds come along and replace them. With each consecutive winning combination you will fill up the Tweet ’o’ Meter on the left-hand side, and when you finally reach the egg on top of it, you’ll get Free Spins.

    On the Tweet ’o’ Meter 4 combos equal 8 Free spins, 5 combinations equal 12 Free Spins, 6 will give you an amazing 20 Free spins, and finally, 7 combinations award you 14 Free spins plus all the combos made this far. You can fill the meter up during this round all over again.

    The last but not least is the Betsoft standard “Double up” special feature, where you can gamble and double any win by clicking the “Double up” button and play heads or tails, choosing to gamble all or just 50 per cent of the win. Be sure to click “Collect bank” after each successful win of heads or tails, as to not leave with nothing.

    Birds Slot Review gameplay

    Birds! Slot Summary

    The combination of interesting animation and a decent musical theme make Birds! a very entertaining online casino slot. The additional dropdown feature and bonuses add more than enough to this simple, but enjoyable online gambling experience that Betsoft obviously put a lot of heart into, making sure to impress even the most hardened casino slots fans.

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