Bookies Got It Right for Trump’s Inauguration Speech

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    Donald TrumpSome of the big bookies in Europe, like Paddy Power, didn’t have much luck with the US presidential election this time around. Donald Trump’s unexpected victory caught everyone off-guard and led to some tidy winnings for more adventurous punters.

    Although it may seem like a big deal from our point of view, it was just another day at the office for the bookies. You win some, you lose some, but in the end, you come out on top. So, they kept doing what they do best – offering odds on different sporting and other important events, including Trump’s inauguration speech. But, this time, the bookies hit the nail on the head.

    Spot On Predictions

    Paddy Power, William Hill, and Ladbrokes were among the most creative bookies in terms of Trump’s first address in his role as the US President. One of the more normal-looking bets was the speech length. Paddy gave the worst odds on the 15 to 17.5 minutes line (21/10), and those punters who decided to take the bookie on had nothing to be happy about. Trump’s address lasted just under 17 minutes.

    Both Ladbrokes and William Hill gave punters a chance to bet at 50/1 if they believed Trump wouldn’t use his trademark “make America again” motto in his speech. Sure enough, the new president concluded his first deliverance with these words.

    Long Shots

    Of course, betting has got to be fun as well, so bookies created some rather humorous predictions for punters to bet on. They offered a number of phrases that people could bet on. For example, at 500/1 odds, bettors could wager on Trump saying “grab her by the p**sy). Sure enough, there was nothing resembling this phrase in the inauguration speech.

    Other controversial references on offer included “Crooked Hillary,” “Putin,” “Fake News,” and “Meryl Streep.” Odds on “Crooked Hillary” being mentioned, for example, were set at 50/1, but all those hoping for easy money were disappointed.

    In fact, the whole inauguration address was rather ordinary and dull, considering all the controversy surrounding Trump. It was just another presidential speech about the country, economy, and friendship among nations. Politically correct and important perhaps, but dull nonetheless. Just another speech delivered by a president wearing a red tie – which bookies also got right.

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