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    Boxing betting

    Two boxers fighting in a boxing ring with people betting outside

    Boxing is the one sports that has gone hand in hand with sports betting since its conception and it’s now an important part of the online betting market. The ties to sports betting actually caused the sport to lose some of its integrity for quite a while as match fixing scandals shook it and too many dodgy matches caused people to lose confidence that boxing matches were fair.

    This was decades ago however, and like all sports, boxing too has evolved. In modern boxing, buying judges and throwing figts has become a lot more complicated. In fact, boxing betting is regaining popularity with international punters. We are once again looking at a great uptick in the sport’s popularity.

    But how exactly do I bet on boxing? What kind of boxing bets can I place? Where should I do it? This short guide will help answer some of these questions.

    Boxing Betting Options

    The most basic of all boxing netting markets is of course the money line betting. Betting which of the fighters will win the match is a pretty common type of boxing bet that most punters will have placed at some point. Very simple odds are placed on one of the fighters to win or a draw to occur and punters bet at those odds without any tricks to it.

    However, many boxing matches are relatively decided before they even begin, which causes many people not to want to take money line wagers on such matches. This is why bookmakers will usually also offer several proposition bets to go alongside the money line betting and spice things up.

    Proposition bets may include the number of rounds it will take for the match to end. Whether one of the fighters will win by KO and other more subtle elements of the match. For instance, you may believe fighter A will win for sure, but if you place a bet that it will happen within the first two rounds, your odds will improve quite a bit.

    Boxing Betting Strategy

    When you are looking to place boxing bets, you will surely want to win your bets. However, the bookmakers do plenty of preparations in order to make sure their odds are not off. This means you will need to do the same if you hope to defeat them.

    In fact, you will have to do one better and make sure that your bet is not only as good as, but better than the one offered by the bookies. This is not easy to do, but proper analysis and research can lead to some interesting conclusions.

    For instance, there may be some things that the sportsbooks are not taking into the equation. The bookies will crunch the stats which include recent form, overall performance etc, but things like how one boxer’s style fits the other’s may not be completely taken into account.

    Likewise, the boxer’s history with a fighting venue, the home crowd or the overall hunger a boxer is exhibiting may all not come into calculations when the bookies are preparing their odds. This is exactly why you will want to take a look at all these things. Find out as much information as possible before doing any betting.

    Is There Value In Boxing Betting?

    Boxing is a sport with rich history. Before all the scandals, many people used to believe they could beat the bookies. Today, with advanced technology and statistical data, this is another matter. Doing research is much easier.

    Overall speaking, a 1v1 sport such as boxing may not be perfect for finding value, as the bookies will also be able to predict most of the things you possibly could. While feel punters may think they can sense what will happen better, the reality is that there may not be that much of an edge in boxing betting.

    Still, it`s fun and a great way to make watching boxing matches more entertaining. If you are looking to spice up your viewing experience. Feel free to join one of the many bookmakers out there and start placing your boxing bets today!

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