Bumper Crop Video Slot

    bumper crop slot

    Bumper Crop Video Slot


    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Bumper Crop Video Slot for real here

    Simple but decent is a not often used concept. It requires well thought out ideas and features that can either make it or break it. Playson decided to use farming as their theme for the Bumper Crop Video slot. A simple, but the very imaginative style is present throughout this friendly slot game.

    The player has the rare chance to move with ease through the game, which serves as a distraction from daily boredom and stress. If farming and/or gardening provides you with the much-needed rest and serves as a past-time you enjoy, you should try out this new slot.


    Bumper Crop Design And Audio

    The idea to create a game where a regular farmer turns into a superhero gardener by way of toxic fertilizer must have been somewhere out there for a long time. Now you have the chance to spin in front of a serene farming scene, with a barn, farmhouse, crops and trees. The reels are suspended in the air with the garden and farm in the background. Various symbols accompany the player while trying their luck.

    I always look out for the slot’s introduction animations and graphics. A game has to have either great bonus features and decent graphics, or just be fun to play to make me stay. Bumper Crop is the former, with a charming and comical intro and animation that could fit into an interesting animated movie. All this is underlaid with an easy-going and relaxing Country soundtrack on loop.


    Bumper Crop Gameplay Features

    Bumper Crop comes with 5 reels and 3 rows, but with an amazing fixed 27 paylines. No slot is perfect without the standard card symbols. But this game also comes with astounding 5 Scatter symbols, in the form of the farmer, sun, watering can bag of seeds and spade.

    Beneath each reel you will find a small icon that relates to one of the Scatter symbols mentioned above. Every time a corresponding Scatter lands on that reel, a tree begins to grow. The tree grows more each time another Scatter lands there.

    When you get lucky and land the Scatters on the reels, a tree will grow out and when it reaches full size, you enter the Free spins mode. Depending on the number of fruit on the tree, you can receive either 3 or 4 Free spins. If it lands and grows on the central reel, you get an amazing 10 Free spins.

    The best-paying feature and the reason to play this game is the Super Gardener. While in the Free spins mode, the Super Gardener can appear and help all the trees under all the reels grow, which will, in turn, give you more Free spins and chances to bank more coins.


    Bumper Crop Summary

    With so many Wild symbols, Wild trees and a Super Gardener that will work for you, you can lean back and let it play almost by itself. The banjo that play the entire time will additionally sooth your nerves and give you the much-needed rest you seek while playing slots. It doesn’t take away from the experience that the lovely graphics make it easy to stay and play more. A great game by Playson.

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