Canada’s Casino Rama Resort Victim of Hacker Attack

    Casino Rama

    According to the press release from the Canada’s Casino Rama Resort, the casino was a victim of a severe data breach caused by malicious hackers. Due to the breach, the information stored in the casino database, dating as far as 2004, could have been compromised. This represents a grave threat to many casino visitors who left their sensitive personal information there during the past two decades.

    Casino Rama

    Casino Rama

    Casino Delays Releasing the Info

    According to some sources, Casino Rama became aware of the breach as early as November 4, but they deliberately took time before sharing the news with their patrons. This was probably done to determine the extent of the breach and if there was a reason for panic.

    However, results of the investigation clearly indicate that the reason for panic exists, as it appears that the customer data dating back to 2007 was compromised. This includes bank account and credit card information, as well as other sensitive info. Breeched employee records date back as far as 2004.

    Hacker(s) Leaking Information

    Although no one has taken responsibility for the attack thus far, CityNews reported some of the data from the attack has started appearing on the internet. The hacker, or the group of hackers responsible for this attack, claim they have in their possession the full customer and employee information, including credit history, betting data, information on indebted patrons, and much more.

    This kind of a breach always creates unrest among those who could be affected. The casino cautioned all of their customers to pay particular attention to their bank and card statements so they could track any suspicious, unauthorized transactions in time.

    Reasons Behind the Attack Unclear

    Although the hacker has obtained some highly personal and sensitive information, the motive behind the attack remains unclear. The person or persons responsible are threatening to publish all of the information on the Internet, making them accessible to all.

    However, there have been no ransom or similar requests following the attack. Whatever the motivation behind this cyber crime may be, it doesn’t seem to be fueled by greed. At this point in time, it remains unclear whether it is a personal agenda or there is a whole different reason.

    In the meantime, the casino has to deal with an entirely different problem, as Toronto-based lawyer Ted Charney is preparing a $50 million worth class action lawsuit against the property. While details of the lawsuit which should be filed on Monday, November 14, remain unclear, we can speculate it relates to the fact that Casino Rama failed to protect its customers’ data, leading to material and other types of damages.

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