Cash Stampede Slot Review

    cash stampede slot review

    Cash Stampede Online Casino Slot

    The rare sight of stampeding animals is both a wonderful and terrifying scene to behold. If it’s a cat stampede, you don’t have to worry, but if it’s any animal larger than a dog, you need to run. If it happens to be a ‘cash stampede’, you need to prepare for an adventurous online gambling experience that can handsomely award you if you dare to play.

    NextGen Gaming brings another wonderfully designed and remarkable online slot with Cash Stampede. It is fully equipped with 5 reels and 243 ways to win, stellar graphics, an amazing and rocking sound, and astounding bonus features. All this makes for one exciting and outlandish experience that you will have to play for yourself to believe.

    Cash Stampede Slot – Design and Audio

    First things first, NextGen Gaming has undeniably some of the best animations and graphics you could ask for while playing online casino slots. Secondly, they know perfectly how to apply these to their respective slots. Put in too much effort, and the gameplay suffers; leave out too much, and it becomes a tiring online gambling experience. They must have come up with the perfect formula for Cash Stampede since they use only what fits this slot the best. Great graphics are present in the interface and symbols of the wild animals.

    The audio is stunning with it’s sound effects and background music creating a perfect action-infused atmosphere. I would really love to hear a compilation of the greatest background music from all the best slots, and it would definitely feature Cash Stampede music, which is absolutely terrific.

    Gameplay & Features

    Cash Stampede has a Wild symbol, the Cash Stampede logo, which will appear only on reel 3, and a Scatter symbol in the form of a “Bonus” icon, appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4. Other bonus features include:

    • Cash Stampede Re-spins are part of the base game and are triggered when you land a combination of the animal icons including the Wild symbol on reel 3. This combination of animals and Wild symbol will be frozen in place for a re-spin and any additional animals that land will remain frozen in place too, making for some amazing combos and wins. This continues until there are no more matching symbols
    • The free spins feature is triggered when you happen to land 3 Bonus symbols on reel 2, 3 and 4, awarding you with 8 free spins and a Wild symbol that remains in place on reel 3 for the duration of those free spins. This can then easily trigger another Cash Stampede, making for even more great combos and big cash


    NextGen presents the next generation when it comes to online slots, and Cash Stampede is the next best thing in the world of online casino slots. Its amazing base game and bonus features are reason enough not to run away from this stampede.

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