Casino Hotel Wynn Macau in Hot Water for Violating Smoking Ban

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    The Wynn Macau Casino Hotel, operated by Wynn Macau Ltd, is under investigation by Macau’s Health Bureau. They are under suspicion of a breach of the city’s ban on public space smoking. The Bureau released a press statement on the matter on Thursday. In it they stated that the Wynn Macau have repeatedly failed to put up “no smoking” signs in the required areas of the casino.

    Casino Hotel Wynn Macau Smoking Ban

    The decision to issue this statement came after a joint investigation. The investigation was conducted by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau and the Health Bureau. This inspection came after an unnamed person filed a complaint. In it, they claimed that the Wynn Macau casino hotel did not comply with the government’s plan from 2012. The plan determines which areas of the casino can allow players to smoke.

    The Bureau said that the casino has simply joined some smoking areas, like VIP rooms, with non-smoking areas like corridors. Further, they had used no clear means of separation between these areas. There was also a complete lack of “no smoking” signs in the where smoking wasn’t allowed. The Bureau also mentioned they issued Wynn Macau an official notice on this particular matter. The casino promised they’d follow up on these concerns.

    Fines Hanging in the Balance

    The statement of the Health Bureau did not specifically make any mentions whether Wynn Macau will have to pay any disciplinary penalties. However, the failure to post these “no smoking” signs in a clearly visible way can result in fines and penalties. These can range between US$1,250 and US$12,500. As of now, the company has yet to release an official response to these allegations.

    Casino Hotel Wynn Macau Smoking Ban Macau’s Health Bureau

    In October 2014, the government of Macau had already issued a ban on smoking on casino mass floors. There were still exceptions that applied to tobacco usage in enclosed smoking lobbies. No gambling was occurring in these areas, but they were located on casino mass floors in the city. Smoking was allowed during gambling in VIP rooms. So far this year, 613 people received fines in Macau for not complying with the ban on smoking in undesignated areas in casinos.

    The Legislative Assembly of Macau approved a new administration that would ban smoking in public places. The administration also plans on putting a ban on smoking in VIP areas in casinos. Despite this, operators can apply for licenses to build smoking lounges in high roller gambling areas free of any gaming. Casinos are still authorized to allow for smoking lounges on casino mass floors.

    This isn’t the first time the Wynn Macau casino hotel has been in the center of attention regarding a ban on smoking. In July 2016, the hotel chain got into the headlines when it came under fire for violating the same ban on smoking.

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