Champions League Betting Guide

    UEFA Champions League logoWelcome to our unique guide for Champions League betting! UEFA Champions League is easily one of the most popular sports competitions on the planet. The extreme popularity of the competition in Europe and in countries around the globe makes it one of the events that most sports bets are placed on as well.

    With online bookmakers, Champions League betting has become increasingly easy. For weeks before an upcoming Champions League week, online bookmakers allow punters to do their Champions League betting, usually at better odds than can be found in any brick and mortar betting shops.

    Keep reading and find out what kind of Champions League betting options are out there and what bookies you should visit to place your Champions League bets.

    Champions League Betting Markets

    Such tremendous popularity of the competition has made the bookmakers make Champions League one of their most valued competitions. This is why you make use of dozens of different Champions League betting options at any major betting site online.

    A very popular Champions League betting market is the one for the outright UCL winner. The outright winner of the competition can be bet on months before the competition is even in progress and some pretty solid odds can be found for pretty much every team other than the few very best ones. This means millions of punters place bets in hopes of their favorite teams making an upset and conquering the Champions League.

    Champions League betting extends far beyond the outright winner however, as you can bet on the various other aspects of the competition. From the best overall striker to group winners and even who will be matched with who in various stages of the tournament, Champions League betting includes a myriad betting markets.

    Of course, every individual match offers hundreds of choices from the outright match winner to number of goals, handicap betting and many other options. Overall speaking, UCL is likely the one competition where betting sites do their best to cover all the angles and allow punters to bet on anything they like.

    Champions league Betting Tips:

    • Start early. It’s always more thrilling from a fan point of view to watch the later stages of the competition, but the really good value lies in its early stages even before the group stages. Try to grab local information about small teams playing in the qualifying rounds and take advantage of early betting. It is known that bookmakers might not be so accurate at estimating when they have to do with teams coming from small leagues, so this is why you can have an advantage and make some good money out of it!
    • Always pay attention to home advantage. Home advantage in the Champions League is nearly two times more important than during regular leagues. The reason is, teams play teams from other countries and there’s a bit of a nationalistic thought in mind when fans cheer up. Players also seem to do better at home when playing host teams from other countries. So don’t go against a home team unless you really get good odds and think it is worth!
    • Motivation makes wonders. It is often the case for big teams to assure qualification even before they have played the last game in the group stage. Hence, they would usually field reserve players or don’t play at full strength. Make sure you take into account who needs what before getting involved. It doesn’t make much sense, for example, to back a team to win if it only needs a draw to go through.

    Champions League final

    Where To Go For Champions League Betting

    Pretty much every bookmaker out there allows Champions League online betting. That said, there is a big difference between major bookmakers and the lesser ones. The big online bookmakers will always offer you dozens of betting markets and potentially many options you could not have at the smaller sportsbooks, such as the cash-out option etc.

    The one reason to check out some of the smaller sites is the fact that they often offer some pretty solid odds, designed to compete with the more famous brands out there. This is why you should have accounts with multiple online bookies before placing any UCL bets as it allows you to shop around and potentially make bigger profit by betting on multiple sites.

    Get Started With Champions League Betting

    Betting on the Champions League is now available at hundreds of online sports betting sites. All you need to do is join a bookmaker and you can be ready to start Champions League betting within minutes. Make sure to scout the sites and find all the latest Champions League betting promotions and bonuses and make the best of what is on offer for yourself.