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    Red Tiger Gaming have specialized in the production of online casino slots which glorify the Chinese mythology and Chinese Treasures is another such game. Chinese Treasures features mystical creatures of Chinese legends such as dragons and serpents in a recognizable Chinese style.

    The game of Chinese Treasures plays across 20 reels with Wild and Scatter symbols appearing throughout and a magical dragon helping you make the best of every single spin you play. The exciting music and graphics make this game kind of edgy and unlike many other more relaxing Red Tiger Gaming slots, which is great for some diversity.

    Keep reading and find out what type of features you are in for with Chinese Treasures and just how the game will feel while actually playing for real money.

    Chinese Treasures Slot Design And Audio

    Like other Red Tiger Gaming slot machines, Chinese Treasures is a game that features state of the art graphics and animations and is fully responsive across all devices with the full power of the HTML5 technology being utilized to the fullest.

    The graphics in Chinese Treasures include depictions of ancient mythological creatures from Chinese legends as well as the standard mathematics we are used to with the Red Tiger Gaming slot machines.

    The background music and other sounds may also be familiar to those who are into Chinese movies or other programs and the general style of the game is Chinese in every sense. That said, the game will be a true breath of fresh air to those used to the more western world oriented online casino games provided by the majority of casino software providers nowadays.

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    Chinese Treasures Gameplay Features

    Looking at the actual gameplay features and how the game pays out the players, we have found several interesting ones in Chinese Treasures. The 2x Wild symbol is the first one, appearing in stacks on the reels and substituting all other payout symbols and doubling all payouts for big wins.

    The Free Spins symbols also appear on the reels and as you are used to with video slots, stopping 3 of them will start a round of Free Spins. Additionally, the magical dragon will occasionally help you out by turning full reels of symbols into 2x Wilds, providing Mega Wins.

    While there are many slots with a greater number of features, the frequency with which the 2x Wilds appear and the potency of the Dragon Wilds is more than sufficient to make this game one to be on your list when playing video slots.

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    Chinese Treasures Summary

    Chinese Treasures is an extremely exciting online casino slot and one that will keep you on your feet through both gameplay and overall playing atmosphere. You can expect some big wins and exciting moments with Chinese Treasures and if you are looking to spin the slot yourself in practice mode or for real money you can do so at one of the Red Tiger Gaming casinos on the internet.

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