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    For online casinos, sports betting sites, and others in the online gambling business converting visitors into actual depositing and playing customers is one of the biggest and most important challenges. There is a big and significant gap between someone landing on the page and actually deciding to buy a product or use the service, and this gap is even bigger when it comes to online gambling.

    That’s where ConversionBet comes in – the company devoted to maximizing the conversion rate with a targeted and personalized approach, offering customers unique acquisition journeys, which significantly increase the likelihood of conversion.

    Filling the Gap

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    The company, which was established in 2017 by Dan Morrison, was founded on the idea there was a significant market gap that could be filled with a business operation providing specific acquisition solutions for the iGaming industry. This initial idea was further confirmed during the conception meeting with some of the largest operators in the industry, where their heads of acquisitions showed there was clearly a lack of understanding why their seemingly interested visitors would so often leave the site without going through with one of the CTA’s inviting them to join.

    After this, the original idea was better formulated and, after numerous meetings with software design companies in England, creating required partnership, ConversionBet came to life.

    Scratching Under the Surface

    According to the information on the ConversionBet site, only 8 in 100 visitors finding their way to an iGaming site turn into registered players. This is an 8% conversion rate, which only goes to show just how difficult it is to impress casual visitors and intrigue them enough to stick around.

    Of these customers who actually go ahead and register, only 25% on average proceed to make a deposit, effectively becoming customers who bring value to the company. Some quick and simple math tells us that only around 2% of all lifetime visitors to a gambling site turn into spending customers.

    ConversionBet strives to improve these numbers and increase the rates of converting and depositing players through several strategies, some of which involve scratching under the surface. If you want to have a customer sticking around and spending money with your site, a good place to start is by figuring out what motivated them to visit in the first place. How did they end up on the site and what is it they’re looking for?

    Highly Personalized Approach

    To gather this initial info, ConversionBet uses Player Fingerprinting technology, combined with predictive segmentation and specific iGaming behavioral patterns to create unique and personalized campaigns capable of conveying the message that’s most likely to appeal to the particular customer type.

    Underlying technology tracks users’ onsite behavior and tries to predict the reason as well as the exact exit point for every user. Based on this information, the system triggers relevant onsite messages to prevent players from leaving and offer them a kind of deal they were most likely looking to find.

    Beyond this, the company also offers a powerful behavioral email channel, which encourages users who left without completing the registration process to come back. The data indicates that using this channel can increase the registration rate for 21%, which is nothing to sneeze at. The system does this by incentivizing those users who are interested but not able to convert for any reason (being in rush, busy at work) to leave their email address to be contacted at a later date.

    Finally, the smart SMS system is a mobile-specific channel, which is a must-have in this day and age, when people refuse to go anywhere without their handheld devices. Short messages sent straight to your registered users’ phones can significantly boost the number of depositing players. Similar to the email system, users are encouraged to leave their phone number even if they aren’t able or ready to convert just yet.

    All these strategies combined can bring the number of total depositing players up by around 7%.

    A Number of Satisfied Partners

    Although ConversionBet is a fairly new company, it seems they know their business, as they’ve managed to make a number of deals with some of the leaders in the world of iGaming. This includes Super Lenny Casino, LeoVegas, BetZest, and even SiGMA (Summit of iGaming Malta), which is one of the biggest industry yearly events.

    We work solely with iGaming operators to help inspire, shape and support the conversions that exist within every customer journey. From the moment someone lands on one of our client’s casinos or sportsbooks for the first time, through to following up the reason why they visited, we ensure that each journey is truly personalized.

    We do it by putting the player at the heart of everything we do. And by never settling for good, when we could do something great.

    ConversionBet Dan Morrison

    Dan Morrison, ConversionBet Founder & CEO


    All of the ConversionBet existing clients seem to have nothing but words of praise for the company as they successfully delivered on what they promised each and every time. Those interested in testing the technology can get in touch with the company and request a demo before committing to anything, which is another proof ConversionBet feels confident about their products and services.


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