Cricket Betting Guide | Cricket Betting Tips, Odds, Bonuses

    Cricket bettingCricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and the number of cricket betting sites is rapidly growing. These sites, known as bookmakers, represent the platform which is an opportunity to place bets on cricket betting forms. The internet is full of bookmakers which offer their service to those who are interested in earning some extra money.

    Many people neglect cricket when it comes to betting, but it is the game which offers many excitements and possibilities to place the bet.

    Forms of Cricket Betting

    Nevertheless, there are many forms to place a bet on, even the basic ones, such as match betting, which is the most common form of cricket betting, and also the most popular form in other sports. The main goal is to determine which team will win the match. There is also tied the match, which most of the bookmakers allow, and it is wagering on the possibility of matches ending in a draw. You can also pick the series winner as well as the outright winner. Besides these options you can also choose team propositions.

    You can bet on win toss, meaning that you need to predict which team will have the chance to start first after the coin toss. There is also an extra element to the win toss, and it is the possibility to bet on the first team who will bat or bowl first. It is called toss combination. If you pick odd or even run scores option, you need to predict whether the total number of runs scored by a team in a match will be an odd or even number. Besides you also have the option called first innings score which is considered to the team´s score at the end of the first innings.

    With match scores option you can wager on the total number of runs a team will have scored by the end of a single match, while over/under scores has the goal to predict how many runs will be scored by both teams together. Team innings runs, on the other hand, predicts the number of runs a team will score in a particular innings. Further, you can also bet on series scores, partnerships, most match sixes, total fours, most run outs, and highest 1st 15 overs.

    However, you are also able to place a bet on a range of different cricket player propositions. Such as top batsman, the team of the top batsman, top bowler, individual bowlers series wickets, the man of the match, batsman match, to score 50 runs, century to be scored in the match, as well as players performance.

    Cricket Betting Odds and Promotions

    Since cricket betting is becoming an event on a global basis, bettors from all over the world have the chance to predict the outcome of their favorite sport. Because of this fact, the rules of whole cricket betting scenario have changed. As we could witness previously with such wide number of different bets, the scope of winning by betting on a cricket has increased. And since all these options are available from the comfort of your home, the cricket betting has never been easier.

    Since the main goal of these bookmakers is to draw people towards the betting, they offer many special promotions and free betting options which you can use for cricket as well.

    In-Play Cricket Betting

    If you are particularly interested in being the part of in-play betting then you should be aware that there is a large number of in-play propositions which you should try for yourself. For example, you can bet on batsman runs, where you place the bet just before a new batsman steps up to the crease. You can also bet on runs off next ball also called runs off delivery, the method of dismissal where you bet on the way the batsman will be dismissed. In this case, you have six available options: Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out, Stumped or Any Other. You can also have in-play betting on over/under totals, meaning that you have to predict whether a result will be over or under a given benchmark.

    Getting Started With Cricket Betting

    Many betting sites offer cricket betting which is a very important for all the potential bettors who are eager to place their bets on a cricket match. There are many sites to choose from, so be sure that you pick the one with great betting opportunities and competitive odds. Be careful with your bets and us the maximum of what cricket betting offers.