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    Chinese mythology is fairly different to that of the European nations, which is exactly what makes it so mystical and fun to delve into. The mystical creatures of Chinese mythos are the exact theme of this amazing Red Tiger Gaming online casino slot machine.

    Divine Ways is an online casino slot that plays across 20 paylines on five reels and features some creatures which you could not have imagined in your wildest dreams, taken straight out of the Chinese legends. Since Red Tiger Gaming have mastered the Chinese mythology and arts, the game is a true masterpiece when it comes to portraying the Chinese mythology.

    Keep reading and find out just what kind of features you are in for, how the game creators have solved the issue of design and where you can find this game to give yourself a shot at some major winnings.

    Divine Ways Slot Design And Audio

    Looking at the graphics of this game, one cannot but be impressed. No matter the device one uses, the game runs smoothly, which is one of the major characteristics of Red Tiger Gaming slots which are powered by the HTML5 technology.

    Divine Ways Online Slot review game

    The game features graphics that were clearly designed by some talented artists as the divine beast of the Chinese myths make quite an impression on any curious player. The game also comes with some fun animations although the features are few and there isn’t too much to animate.

    The background music is a classic little Chinese theme while other sounds also fit in quite well with the general ambience of the game. When all of this is put together you have yourself an online casino game that absolutely resonates peace and calm while also providing ample winning opportunities.

    Divine Ways Slot Gameplay Features

    Red Tiger Gaming slot machines normally pride themselves in giving players a chance at many different gameplay features, but Divine Ways is a long way from this. In fact, there is only one powerful feature offered in this game and that is the Cloning Wilds feature.

    Divine Ways Online Slot review gameplay

    The Cloning Wilds appear on the reels of Divine Ways and start to clone themselves. There is no limit to how many times a Cloning Wild can be cloned and all the tiles can be covered by a single Wild with enough luck. While this is the only feature of the game, it is so powerful that every time a Wild appears on the tiles, you will be licking your chops.

    Divine Ways Slot Summary

    While there are many games available out there that offer more features, Divine Ways includes one that is not present in many other games and certainly has huge potential for big payouts. On the other hand, while you wait for your Cloning Wilds, you will be able to enjoy some spectacular graphics that make the Chinese legends come to life.

    You can play Divine Ways at one of the many Red Tiger Gaming online casinos out there, so have a spin and see if the Chinese divines are on your side today.

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