DJ Wild Slot Review

    dj wild slot review

    DJ Wild Online Casino Slot

    Elk Studios is fairly new to the game of online video slots. Although they may not have an enormous catalogue of slot games, each of their slots features a unique idea and amazing visuals. Their goal is obviously to put quality over quantity and each of their online casino slots perfectly proves this point. Their latest addition to the small but significant catalogue is DJ Wild, and it promises to make waves in the world of slots.

    Most of us have been to a show where the DJ was spinning records and laying some cool music, and I’m sure there is at least a handful of people who tried their hand in making music with DJ software. For some, it panned out, for others maybe not. But that is not the reason you shouldn’t give DJ Wild a spin. If you enjoy partying, going to wild dance shows, and electronic music, then you should definitely check out Elk Studios’ DJ Wild online casino slot.

    Design and Audio

    Like we said before, Elk Studios doesn’t have the most online slots among its competition, but their slots always feature excellent idea and remarkable visuals. There are brilliant and colourful graphics, especially in DJ Wild, which has the greatest variety of neon colours I have come across. The modern and stylized theme has a futuristic feel but still remains grounded with all the contemporary symbols, that are flashy and vibrant.

    The soundtrack is futuristic as well, perfectly accompanying the visuals with a down-to-earth trance background music. It certainly adds to the DJ environment with its sound effects that make it an amazing musical and gaming experience. And just in case you are not a fan of electronic or trance music, you can always hit the ‘mute’ button and focus solely on the online gambling experience.

    Gameplay & Features

    DJ Wild has many music-related symbols – a keyboard, a turntable, a mixing desk, headphones, plus the standard casino slot fruit symbols, which are neon-colour stylized. The DJ Wild logo is the game’s Wild symbol and will trigger the bonus features. To be able to fully enjoy this game, you have to activate the bonus features by landing one or more Wild symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2, 4 or 5. There two different types of Wilds, and each has its own special traits:

    • Horizontal Wilds will award you with a re-spin after each and every payout. The Wilds will expand on the next reel and you will receive a free spin. Additional Wilds that land can activate more re-spins
    • Vertical Wilds will explode and turn into fireworks, expand, and cover the entire reel. All payouts will feature a free respin and make sure that each succeeding Wild that lands on the reels repeat this process. More Wilds landing means that the payouts are greater. This bonus feature ends when no more Wilds land

    There a special bonus in this game. If you can land a full row of Wilds, you can get the Jackpot Wild on the third reel and win a coin prize of 50000x.


    DJ Wild is not your ordinary online casino slot; it has its own tune to which it spins the reels, mixed with a light show that creates a perfect musical atmosphere. The excellent gameplay doesn’t hurt the slot, either.

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