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    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot Review

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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot for real here

    When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide, he probably didn’t think that it would turn out to be an inspiration for various platforms, ranging from books, TV shows, movies, video games, all the way to online casino slots. The story of Dr. Jekyll is one of the most famous in literature, with the doctor turning into his alter ego, the violent Mr. Hyde, each time he drinks a potion that transforms his mind and body.

    This impressive online slot is packed with 3D animations of the highest quality but does not skimp on the wins and fun that all online gambling slots should provide. Needless to say, when you see or hear Betsoft, you know it’s the name of quality entertainment.

    Design and Audio

    You can literally feel the novel’s character coming to life as you enter the game and remain perplexed when you see how well the 3D animations and graphics are executed. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide online casino slot is probably one of the best Betsoft ever developed, and they always try making every slot their best.

    The realistic graphics and matching audio will give you the authentic atmosphere of the book, making this game both fun and realistic as well. The soundtrack is spooky at times, capturing the science fiction horror vibe perfectly. Each combination has its own sound and Dr. Hyde will animate you while you play with cordial words and sometimes walk around the room and try out some of the potions he made.

    Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Slot Review game

    Gameplay Features

    The game’s Wild symbol is the game’s logo and will only substitute for the Jekyll and Hyde symbols. Also, the red and blue potions will not form winning combinations but can be combined with the rest of the symbols to create wins.

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide casino slot comes with a great amount of bonus features:

    • Potions feature – if you manage to land the red potion on reels 2 and 4 to either side of Jekyll, all the Jekylls, Hydes and Wilds will become Wild Hydes, and all the symbols will reorganize and award you with a win
    • Blue potions on reels 2 and 4 on either side of Hyde will give you a random multiplier up to 20 times your total bet
    • Frenzy Bonus – this feature is triggered by landing Hyde on reels 2 and 4 on either side of the Wild symbol; now you will have to guide Hyde left or right through the London streets, steal items and avoid the police; this can ultimately award you with a 66x multiplier
    • Potions Bonus – it’s mostly about the right potions in Jekyll and Hyde, and this is true when you trigger the Potions bonus with landing Jekyll on reels 2 and 4 on either side of the Wild; this will have you quickly picking potions to create the anti-Hyde serum; if you’re fast enough, you can get a 160x multiplier for your bet, and this is nothing short of marvellous!
    • Free spins – this one is triggered by gradually filling up the meter collecting red potions on reels 2, 3 and 4; 100 potions will fill up the meter and you can begin the free spins round, all accompanied by a short sequence where Jekyll changes into Hyde

    Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Slot Review gameplay


    Words can hardly describe how amazed I am by this fantastic-looking and eerie sounding online casino slot that is guaranteed to provide each player with a stunning online gambling experience. All the graphics and animations are there to make Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide a fundamentally amusing experience.

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