Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Game Review

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    Fast cars and huge multipliers are what Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot is all about. If you are a casino online player who also loves speed, you will love this game more than other slot machines. Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot is one of the most fast-paced and adrenaline fueled online casino games ever made.

    Online gambling fans will get that special adrenaline rush when playing this game. Unlike many mild online casino games, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is fast and furious. The main theme of the game is street races. Nitro-fueled cars and dangerous driving are at the core of this casino online game.

    Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Features

    The fast paced nature of this online casino slot machine is powered by the special features. A Wild symbol can appear on each of the reels. On reel one, the Wild simply substitutes for other symbols, but on later reels, it also multiplies the wins. On reel two, the multiplier is 2x, on reel three 3x, on reel four 4x, and on reel five 5x. The best part is, all of these can be combined for a huge win.

    Such an amount of Wilds and multipliers is rarely seen in other online casino slot machines or in online gambling in general. To make things even better, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem also includes Scatters that activate free spins. Stop three or more Scatters and the free spins begin.

    Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot

    At first, you are awarded 10 free spins, which are extended by collecting the Nitro symbols. Every three Nitro symbols you collect in the spins add more free spins and take you to the next race. The second race already guarantees one Wild symbol per spin, while every next race adds another Wild in every spin. If you are lucky, you can end up with five guaranteed Wild symbols on the board.

    Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Graphics And Audio

    Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a very fast paced online casino game with solid graphics that resembles a racing video game. Racing cars and exciting drivers are at the core of the graphics. The free spins animations are fun, and the background is the night’s sky above a street racing road, with a beast of a car on the left side.

    The fans of fast driving and racing will be unable to get enough of this online casino game. If you are the kind of online gambling fan who is looking for adrenaline rushes, this game is for you more than other slot machines.

    Final Words

    Online gambling players who log into online casinos to play slot machines have a lot of choices. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is the first choice for many of them for the features it offers. What is more, this exciting game provides a special casino online experience. The adrenaline infused game will keep you on edge the entire time as you race against the opposition.

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