EggOMatic Slot Game Review

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    Sometimes online casino slot machines creators manage to really surprise us with their creativity. EggOMatic slot by NetEnt certainly doesn’t belong to your common variety group of slot machines. It features a funky theme, which you’d not expect to find as a part of a serious casino online library.

    However, as funky as it is, Eggomatic is among the more addictive slot machines you’ll find at any casino online. Although it may be a bit too strange for some online casino slot machines players, if you give it a chance, Eggomatic is almost guaranteed to capture your interest.

    Funky Main Theme

    So, the story is this. An egg factory has been experiencing production issues, and they’ve come up with a solution. The solution is the Eggomatic machine, which helps increase the production. As far as the online casino slot machines stories go, this one is really out there. That said, no one can deny it is original.

    The main symbols to look out for in this online casino slot are mechanical chickens. Some of them look rather weird, and it can take some time to get used to this unique online gambling experience. The music is calm, but the sounds of the conveyor belt and other factory noises interrupt the peace. They constantly remind you this casino online game is about saving egg production. It may not be the most valiant effort out there, but at least your online gambling efforts will put some order in the chicken house.

    Eggomatic Slot Gameplay & Features

    EggOMatic Slot

    Online casino slot machines with funky themes can be a lot of fun to play. The Eggomatic slot features 20 fixed paylines on 5 reels. The possibility for your online gambling adventure to end up with a big win is, thus, out there.

    The gameplay of this casino online slot can seem a bit complicated when compared to other slot machines. However, Eggomatic developers wanted this casino online slot to be different. There are numerous ways to win at this casino online game, and all of them improve the overall online gambling feel.

    As you’d expect, Eggomatic online casino slot is all about eggs. They come in all shapes and sizes and trigger various bonus games. Free spins feature is triggered when the free spins Egg appears right above the Wild symbol (Mechanical Rooster).

    Depending on the type of the free spins Egg that lands, you can win anything from 7 to 50 free spins. During these free spins, you will receive further bonus Eggs, like Coin Win Eggs and Spreading Wild Egg. Then, there is also a Surprise Egg, which can contain any other egg inside, including the free spins Egg.

    Strange but Addictive Online Casino Slot

    If there is one word that can describe the Eggomatic online casino slot, that’s “different.” It differs from the majority of slot machines out there, but it doesn’t mean your online gambling experience will be adversely affected. Once you get used to Eggomatic, it might well become your favorite online casino game.


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