Elven Magic Slot: Enter The Magical World Of Forest Elves Review

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    Elven Magic Slot Review

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    Forest elves are wonderful creatures from the fairytales. In them, these creatures are the protectors of the forests, the animals and the natural balance of life. Known for their excellent skills with bow and arrow, the forest elves are some of the most popular magical creatures in tales of all sorts.

    This is probably one of the reasons Red Tiger Gaming decided to dedicate an entire online casino game to elves in Elven Magic casino online slot. The game features the forest elves as the main protagonists and the wondrous creatures help you along you along as you work your way into making some serious cash.

    Another very soothing and relaxing slot by Red Tiger Gaming, Elven Magic is one of the more mind mending games you could play in a casino online, and with the incredible number of features available in it, it is also one of the more lucrative ones.

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    Elven Magic Online Casino Game Features

    Elven Magic online casino slot is all about the wood elves and their quest to preserve the forests. As such, the main symbols in the game are the characters of elves and their magical rings, amulets and arrows that they use in their mission. The lower paying symbols on the other hand are cheerfully colored playing card symbols.

    Elven Magic includes several fantastic gameplay features. The first feature is the Bonus Round, which is triggered by stopping three or more Bonus symbols. During the bonus round you take the roll of an elf and do some target practice with your arrows, hoping to hit as close to the center of the target as possible. The center pays as much as 500x the initial spin.

    Elven Features that trigger at random will see an elf come along and help you out by shooting some arrows at the current board. The Burning Tiles, Spinning Tiles, Random Wilds and Frozen Tiles are all available, making some very serious wins possible when one of the mysterious forest creatures does come along to help you.

    Unlike in many online casino games by other providers, Red Tiger Gaming like to leave things to suspense, and you will never know when the next Elven Feature will be triggered. There are no symbols to be stopped, it just happens when the fairies smile upon you.

    Elven Magic Slot Review gameplay

    Elven Magic Online Casino Slot Design And Audio

    With so many mind wrecking games found in casino online, Elven Magic is the exact opposite. You will absolutely love the calm sounds and animations of this slot that go hand in hand with the precision and the good spirit of the forest elves.

    Like all Red Tiger Gaming online casino games, Elven Magic runs seamlessly across devices, with absolutely no delay between spins and animations running very fast. The gameplay speed in combination with the extremely well designed symbols and features make Elven Magic one online casino game that you absolutely need to give a shot.

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