Enter the Magical World of Betsoft 3D Slot Machines

    Slot machines are, by far, the most popular form of online casino entertainment. There is hardly a casino player who hasn’t had some slot fun here and there. Even those who stick to table games like to take occasional punt on slots to try and win big.

    Betsoft 3D Slot Machines

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    The beauty of slots is in their simplicity and the winning potential available to everyone. You don’t need to learn any complex rules or strategies. All you need is to get lucky at the right time to unlock that jackpot score.

    Betsoft 3D Slot Machines kids

    However, with times changing, more and more younger players are looking for more. They want something to keep their attention and really justifies the money they pay for the entertainment. This is something that companies such as Betsoft came to realize. To meet these demands, they develop an entire line of 3D slots. These games bring more to the table than just a chance to gamble.

    More Fun for Your Money

    Betsoft 3D Slot Machines lepreconWhat Betsoft did truly changed the world of online gambling. Their Slots3 line of games features a next level graphics, elaborated cut scenes, and exciting bonus games. This approach has made the company very popular among the players.

    There are other companies developing 3D slots as well, but Betsoft remains an absolute leader in this department. They’ve brought their design skills almost to perfection and continue going strong. Every couple of weeks, there is a new 3D title for players to enjoy.

    There is simply more play involved. Apart from standard free spins and click-and-pick bonus features, mini-games in Betsoft slots can be quite imaginative. They feel like video games in their own rights. Players get to go on a fishing trip, run through the streets hunting big wins, and much more.

    Games to Play

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    Betsoft’s Slot3 line of 3D slots contains numerous titles. While most of these are really good, there are some you should definitely give a try. These titles are guaranteed to provide you with hours of great fun.

    • The Slothfather II – featuring an amazing music theme, reminiscent of the legendary movie, this game will really bring back memories. Apart from the standard great graphics, there are several bonus features. For example, the Gangster Feature will take you to local businesses to collect your cut of the profits. You get to pick who to send to collect as well. Depending on your choice, you can go for higher risk/higher reward or opt for smaller but guaranteed returns.
    • The Angler – one of the latest releases by Betsoft. Enjoy a relaxing day out on a lake, looking to catch some big dish. There are free spins with clinging wilds, featuring some serious winning potential. Then, there is the Fish bonus game Here, you get to test your fishing skills and reel in some big cash rewards.
    • WhoSpunIt? – this slot is based on the popular Who Did It murder mystery. This game really feels more like a puzzle adventure than an online slot. In the bonus game, you’ll discover clues to find out who is the killer. After solving all three levels, players also get access to the Second Screen Bonus.

    Play on the Go

    Another thing that makes Betsoft slots so popular is the fact they’re fully optimized for mobile use. The company recognized the need to make their games available on the go and acted on it. Despite complex graphics and visual details, nearly all of their titles are available for handheld devices.

    Betsoft 3D Slot Machines mobile

    Betsoft invested time and effort to transfer their games onto mobile platforms. They are available across Androids, Windows phones, iPhones, and other product types. This makes Betsoft titles accessible to the widest audience possible.

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    Perfect Combo of Entertainment & Winning Opportunities

    Betsoft 3D Slot Machines sexy

    These 3D slots feature a perfect combination of entertainment and winning chances. While most Betsoft games don’t feature a huge win potential, you can still win a significant amount. At the same time, players get to enjoy the entire experience.

    Every bonus, every special feature, is exciting on its own. Even when they don’t pay huge, Betsoft 3d slots offer hours of great fun. That makes them interesting to existing casino players and newcomers alike. Even when not played for real money, these games can still be super entertaining.

    Chasing Jackpots

    In addition to all these features, many of the Betsoft titles also feature network-wide progressive jackpots. These aren’t as big as some other progressives out there, but there are still decent five-figure amounts up for grabs.

    By introducing jackpots, the company made these slots interesting to another group of players entirely. Big wins are often what attracts people, and now many of 3D slots feature this attractive jackpots. This is yet another reason for players to stick longer and come back to Betsoft games.

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    Catering to Players & Operators

    Through everything they’ve done, Betsoft found a way to cater to players and operators at the same time. On one hand, they feature games that operators can easily market. There is great graphics, interesting bonuses, and progressive jackpots. Hence, these slots everything an operator could ask for.

    At the same time, players get to enjoy a different, improved experience. Instead of playing slots alike to everything else out there, with Betsoft 3D titles they get to truly enjoy every minute spent playing. Even if they don’t get to win, players still get their money worth and don’t feel like its money going to waste. With Betsoft, players really get the entertainment they’re paying for, while at the same time having a chance to score big.


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