Why Entertainment Slots Are So Effective in Appealing to New Players

    Why Entertainment Slots Are So Effective in Appealing to New Players

    Online slot developers are great at appealing to players and some settings that seem to come up a lot are mythology (deities and superpowers), classic slot styles (fruit symbols and gold), and entertainment.

    Many of these developers have secured licenses for famous movie, music and TV show properties. They’ve taken the world’s most famous media and turned it into a hugely enjoyable gaming experience, putting the characters and objects from the film (such as props) on the symbols that decorate the slot game’s reels. This looks set to continue because entertainment slots are incredibly popular and effective at appealing to new players.

    Entertainment Slots Appeal to Franchise Fans

    One reason why entertainment slots are so popular is that they easily appeal to fans of those franchises. It’s no accident that branded, entertainment slots are based around the biggest series around.

    The reboot classic TV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire got 5.06 million viewers or 29.7% of the TV audience, which is an impressive figure. The show was already a huge hit before the reboot and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slot game capitalized on that. Likewise, band spoof movie Spinal Tap is a cult classic and is loved by movie and music fans all over the world and so the Spinal Tap slot has a built-in audience. Fans of these franchises may not have played a slot game before but entertainment slots give them an easy way in.

    Entertainment Slots Help to Prove a Site’s Authority

    In order to get the license for an entertainment slot game, you have to have a proven track record in the industry. Movie studios won’t just hand over the license to anyone. The developers of the biggest entertainment slots are some of the best-known names in the casino game industry, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and IGT.

    For new online slots, offering these branded slots helps to establish its authority and the fact that it is a professional gaming platform. It’s why several new slot sites offer branded entertainment slots. Betfred Casino is making waves for its smooth gameplay, easy to use interface and for branded slots such as the Dirty Dancing and Battleship slots. All British Casino, another new UK slot site, offers the Anchorman, Phantom of the Opera, and Guns N Roses slots. As these are some of the most popular slots, it also lets players know they can access leading game experiences on these new sites.

    Entertainment Slots Offer Recognizable Themes

    It also helps that entertainment slots offer recognizable themes. According to Statista’s movie genre figures, genres like adventure, action, drama, and comedy are among the most popular at the North American box office.

    Many branded entertainment slots also fit these genres. That’s because, for slot newcomers, it makes it easy to find something that they will be interested in.

    Developers are thinking up more ways of making entertainment slots engaging. From classic series to modern franchises, there are lots of great slots with the official licenses.

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