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    Explosive Global Lottery is a revolutionary new concept in lottery gaming that combines elements of classic or traditional lottery games with the simplicity and directness of poker. The concept is the brainchild of Massive Online Gambling (MOG) B.V and is rather cleverly referred to as ‘Lotto Poker’. The idea still follows the spirit of every lottery game which is to include as many players as possible so that the combined prize pool is as high as possible.

    While the Explosive Global Lottery concept is still fairly new, the lotto itself has gained a fair amount of traction across a number of regions over the past four months. The developers of the Explosive Global Lottery ‘Lotto Poker’ concept believe that, given enough time, the new lotto idea could be as big and as competitive as many of the other, well-established lotteries on our list.

    The Explosive Global Lottery system is structured in more or less the same way as other lotteries. Anyone who wishes to participate in the Lotto Poker game will need to become a member of the Explosive Global community in order to purchase tickets, as with all lotteries, the more tickets one has, the higher their chances of winning the main prize or jackpot. A more detailed explanation of how to play Lotto Poker is given in the ‘How to Play’ section of this article.

    Relevant Markets

    As the name of this lottery game would suggest, Explosive Global Lottery is aimed at and intended for the entire world. While many lotteries are restricted to certain regions, states or countries, special lottery concepts such as Lotto Poker aim to be far more inclusive. While the brand is still in its infancy, relatively speaking, not all regions or countries around the globe are participating at this stage. As Explosive Global originates with the European region, it follows that the core countries at the moment are from the European Union and Scandinavia. Naturally, most concepts branch out from a core and it is no different with this new lottery idea.

    Explosive Global Lottery lotto participating countries (thus far) include the following:

    • Norwaylotto poker markets
    • Estonia
    • Lithuania
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Sweden
    • Finland
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom

    Number of Players

    The average numbers of players participating in the Explosive Global Lottery weekly numbers are been growing weekly since launch in December 2016.  As this new lottery concept continues to grow in popularity, we will no doubt see more and more people begin to participate. The estimated numbers should soon be in the millions which would also naturally affect the overall weekly prize pool associated with the Explosive Global Lottery prize pool.

    Average Prize Pool


    lotto poker cash

    Currently, the average prize pool that is associated with the weekly lotto draws that are held by Explosive Global Lottery average around €20,000 to €24,000 mark, depending on the number of tickets that are sold each week. As more players begin to sign up to participate in the Explosive Global Lottery, so the weekly average prize pool should also grow accordingly.

    Winnings change/Rollover

    The prize pool in Explosive Global Lottery weekly draws is always won by a number of participants so there is no actual rollover as there would be in other forms of lottery games. One of the advantages of the Explosive Global Lottery system is that individual tickets in the Lotto Poker have a higher value when compared to the same type of lottery tickets found in other lotteries. As the value is higher, so the chances of winning are also increased based on the lottery poker concept which is unique to Explosive Global Lottery.

    How to Play

    Playing Lotto Poker is quite different from other forms of the lottery as the Explosive Global Lottery system borrows quite heavily from standard poker concepts. The reason for this is that poker rules are more transparent and fair than standard lottery rules. Based on basic poker buy in structures, Lotto Poker splits the lotto tickets sold in different groups, thereby increasing the chances of winning exponentially. Remember that eligibility to play depends on registration or being an existent member of Explosive Global.

    The following is an example of how the Lotto Poker structure works in practice:lotto poker rules

    • Two million tickets are sold at a cost of 5 EUR per ticket (total game revenue = 10 million EUR)
    • Tickets are then split into groups of 100 000 tickets
    • This gives you 20 initial game rounds
    • 20 players then each win 100 000 EUR each (as an example)
    • This gives average odds of winning at 1:100 000 (lower odds than all other lottos)
    • These 20 winners will then enter a final round to compete for the main jackpot
    • Each of these 20 players keeps the 100 000 EUR that they’ve already won
    • One player can then go on to win the main lotto jackpot prize of 1 million EUR
    • Theoretical odds of winning in this final round are 1:20
    • 1 million tickets now get a ticket to the next round

    Overall Rating

    5 stars rating

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