Eye in the Sky May not Be as All-Seeing as You’d Think

    Eye in the Sky May not Be as All-Seeing thumb

    Cheating in land-based casinos is hardly a surprising activity. Ever since casino gambling has been invented, there’ve been those trying to trick the system. From stealing chips to tampering with slots, and anything in between, the temptation is too big for some.

    For the most part, the staff on the floor can’t do too much about cheaters. They are too busy with other activities. That’s why there are cameras all over the place, with people sitting in the dreaded surveillance room. These people keep a watchful eye on everything that goes down and nothing gets by them.

    That’s at least what most of us believes. However, this myth might be blown well out of proportions.

    Eye in the Sky May not Be as All-Seeing security booth

    Not all That All-Seeing

    According to a recent report by Las Vegas Journal, it seems most casinos have a hard time keeping track of what goes on under their noses. This is especially true for Sin City, where surveillance rooms are operated by crews smaller than in most jurisdictions.

    The Nevada Gaming Control Board requires only a single person to be present in the room at all times. In fact, the room can even be left empty for an entire hour according to the regulation. On average, however, there are usually two to three people in most Las Vegas casinos’ surveillance rooms.

    According to Willy Allison, a casino surveillance specialist, this is not even close to enough. In other jurisdictions, it is common to have one person per every 25 table games offered. Given the busy traffic of LV casinos, they should have at least this, if not even more people to keep up.

    Eye in the Sky May not Be as All-Seeing cheaters

    Outdated Technology Used Often

    Most of us not familiar with the inside work of a casino, it stands to reason they’d use the latest surveillance technology available. After all, it only makes sense with so much money on the line. However, according to Las Vegas Journal, this is rarely the case.

    It seems that many Las Vegas casinos are behind times when it comes to technology they use. Some of the venues still use outdated technologies such as VCR systems and analog tapes. Although these have to be of the high enough resolution to recognize people, chips, and cards, it still tells a lot about how outdated some security systems are.

    This report comes at a bad time for Las Vegas casinos. In light of recent events, especially the October 1st shooting, most venues are reluctant to disclose information about their security measures. This is particularly true when it comes to security guards on the casino floor.

    As things stand right now, there are no regulations in place covering this aspect. Casinos are free to determine the number of required security personnel. Likewise, there are no particular guidelines as to what kind of training security officers need to have.

    All in all, it seems that casino security systems aren’t nearly as impregnable as they might appear. Often understaffed and struggling to find proper people to do the job, it is no wonder they are among the favorite targets for all sorts of cheats and scam artists. Unlike us, regular mortals, these people are probably well aware of everything that’s been mentioned in this article.


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