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    Fa Fa Twins Slot Review

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    Free Play Mode is not available for UK Players because of UK regulations. But don`t worry, you can play Fa Fa Twins Slot for real here

    Betsoft has made it their goal to release a great number of cute and adorable online casino slots and Fa Fa Twins present another successful realization of the said goal. While most of their games feature charming animals, this one features two little girls that will melt your heart with their sheer cuteness.

    Taking inspiration from Japanese anime, Betsoft created an online casino slot that takes you inside their home, full of traditional Japanese symbols and cherry blossoms. This slot successfully incorporates the Japanese symbols of cherry blossoms, golden fish, and red lanterns, along with pouches full of gold and golden cats, which serve as lucky symbols in this online slot game. An amazing 243 ways to win make this additionally attractive to fans of online slots.

    Design and Audio

    As mentioned before, the slot is filled with Japanese symbols next to cute and delightful graphics of the two little girls, a rising sun in the vein of the Japanese flag, and various symbols taken from the Japanese culture and anime. Anime is the keyword here.

    The relaxing music in the background is there to add another layer to the interface of the slot and to make sure you enjoy your stay and online gambling experience set in the land of the rising sun. All the visual and audio features in the game add up to make a memorable online casino slot that has the potential to make you come back again and again.

    Fa Fa Twins Slot Review game

    Gameplay Features

    The Fa Fa Twins slot features a wide variety of symbols where the titular Fa Fan Twins symbol acts as the Wild symbol. It can appear on all the reels but the first one and it will substitute for all symbols to create winning combinations.

    The main bonus feature is the Dual Syncing reels; this special feature presents you with 2 or more reels with identical symbols with each new spin, inspired by the Twins themselves. The double symbols on the reels provide you with matching symbols from the beginning of every spin, making it easier to land a winning combination. This feature is new to the online casino slot games and shows that Betsoft might be well ahead of everyone else.

    Another special bonus feature in the Fa Fa Twins online slot is the Fa Fa Twins symbol. It is the most desired symbol in the game and can award you with 5,000 coins if you can get 5 matching symbols in one spin. The bear and fish symbol pay somewhat less, with 2,500 and 2,000 coins respectively.

    My favourite feature in almost all Betsoft online slots is usually the “Double up” button. This feature lets you gamble your wins and gives you the chance to bet either all or half of it, with a chance to bet it again after each successful game of heads or tails. Just make sure to bank your wins as not to lose too much.

    Fa Fa Twins Slot Review gameplay


    The overload in sheer cuteness in Fa Fa Twins online casino slot is over the top, with all the special care put into creating an adorable game that will satisfy most players. The only thing this slot lacks would be an extra bonus feature, like free spins, to get you an additional chance to win more coins. But with all the other elements, this game provides enough fun and entertainment for everyone.

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