Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot Game Review

    Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot

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    Fantasini Master Of Mystery slot is a game designed for the online gambling fans who love magic. With magicians being so present in Las Vegas casinos, this slot fits right in. Online casino games often use some type of magic as a theme. In this case, we are talking classic manipulation used by the magicians. The great “Fantasini” takes you into his world of magic.

    The five reel casino online game features mystical symbols from the world of illusion and the all-pays feature. This means, unlike with most slot machines, symbols don’t need to be in any fixed paylines. Any combination from left to right pays as a payline.

    Fantasini: Master Of Mystery Features

    Fantasini: Master Of Mystery is a slot with several interesting features, which don’t include free spins. The all-pays feature guarantees any combination from the leftmost reel pays you, regardless of paylines. This can often lead to multiple payouts when Wild symbols appear.

    Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols in Fantasini: Master Of Mystery. Online casino players will be happy to see the Wild symbols make an appearance. However, Wilds in Fantasini don’t feature any multipliers.

    Online gambling players may be used to free spins, but there is no such feature in this game. Unlike other slot machines, online casino players are presented with the linked reels feature instead of free spins. The linked reels feature is a substitute for free spins in Fantasini: Master Of Mystery.

    The linked reel feature places the same symbols on two, three or four adjacent reels in every spin. When four reels are linked, the chances of winning big on this are huge. The same symbol can appear on a reel several times in this online casino game. With the all-pays feature, this can mean dozens of active paylines.

    Fantasini Master Of Mystery Slot

    Fantasini Master Of Mystery Slot Graphics And Audio

    The graphics of Fantasini Master Of Mystery slot online casino slot are relatively simple but quite entertaining. Like all magic related slot machines, this online casino game has a certain air of mystery. It features in the background, the symbols, and the animations.

    Players who spend a lot of time online gambling on slot machines will enjoy the mild sounds of Fantasini: Master Of Mystery. The game isn’t too loud, and there are no abrupt sound effects. If you like to remain calm while online gambling, this slot is perfect for you.

    Final Words

    With so many casino online slot machines out there, it can be hard to select the right online casino game to play. As a casino online player, you must find a profitable and fun one at the same time. Fantasini: Master Of Mystery is both those things, despite not having any free spins features included.

    Fantasini Master Of Mystery slot is one of those casino online games that will allow for a very smooth and relaxed online gambling experience.

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