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    Fantasy Sports Betting SitesFantasy Sports has truly turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Fantasy sports betting comes in different forms and shapes. From betting on fantasy horse races and other such events to daily fantasy sports which are sweeping through the world as a form of skill based sports betting, fantasy sports betting has truly grown during the last couple of years.

    As fantasy sports are gaining in popularity, so too are the prize pools of daily fantasy sports leagues and the numbers of punters participating in betting on fantasy sports. Today, dozens of online platforms accept competitive real money players who wish to compete in fantasy sports betting.

    Keep reading for more information and details on the fantasy sports betting activities.

    What Are Fantasy Sports?

    Fantasy sports are a very interesting concept. Instead of classic betting on sporting events, fantasy sports competitions allow sports fans to compete against each other in their understanding of the sport. This is done by allowing each participant of the competition to select a team of real sports players. Every competition lasts for a certain period and it could be daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal.

    Each play that a player makes during that period, whether we are talking football, basketball, hockey or any other sport, is recorded and rated. Once the competition has ended, all the points your players have accumulated are summed up and the player with the highest number of points is the winner.

    Each fantasy sports competition comes with a buy in and competitions can have as few as two players or an unlimited number of players competing. The overall prize pool of the competition is distributed among a number of top ranking players, depending on the competition format.

    It is important to note that the fantasy sports sites make their profit from the entry fee they charge and the rest of the money is distributed based on results. This makes fantasy sports truly a skill based game and many professional poker players have taken up fantasy sports in recent times due to a significant edge they saw in it.

    As a skill based game, fantasy sports allow players to use their overall knowledge of the sport and any other means at their disposal to predict how each and every player will perform during a certain period. Even a layman will easily understand how many players will select players based on their preference rather than real statistical data, making fantasy sports a game where you can truly use knowledge to gain a significant edge over the playing field.

    Making Money With Fantasy Sports Betting

    Fantasy sports are one field where hundreds of players have been making money since the inception of the game. Unlike sports betting where the house will always leave itself an edge which is hard to beat, all you will have to do in fantasy sports is beat a field of oftentimes less than informed players. This makes your job much easier and the probability of walking away with a profit quite nice if you are patient enough to make your picks based on statistical data and actual player performance information.