First Look Review: Playtech’s Kingdoms Rise Series

    As one of the world’s leading software developers, Playtech has rightly been lauded time and time again for its creations. Arguably, it’s best known for its Age of the Gods and DC Superheroes slot games, the latter of which replaced its Marvel slots in 2017. These games are known for their big budget feel, with no expense spared in terms of graphics and gameplay.

    Last month, Playtech has released what seems likes the start of another hugely ambitious project – Kingdoms Rise. For the moment, there are three games in the series – Guardians of the Abyss, Sands of Fury and Forbidden Forest. You can check them out for yourself at, which is a good source for new Playtech games. However, we will try and breakdown what you need to know about this ground-breaking series below:


    Kingdoms Rise is a series of interconnected slot games. The theme – as with so many slots these days – is one of fantasy and mythology. The artwork and storyboarding are all original, with the rollout credited to Playtech’s Origins studio – the team behind games like Hall of Gods, Jackpot Giant and Buffalo Blitz. As mentioned, there are three games so far in the series, each set in a different part of this new fantasy world. Sands of Fury, for example, is sent in a desert world.

    Why You Should Play It

    Well, when we say that these games are connected – we really mean connected. There is an interactive map on the side of the screen that lets you flip between the games. Moreover, during gameplay you will collect coins, which can be later exchanged for special bonus features – free spins etc. These can be redeemed across any of the games, and the collection is carried on regardless of which game you play.


    One of Playtech’s calling cards is the linking of jackpots across games in a series, and Kingdoms Rise is no different. There are two jackpots in the game: The first is a traditional progressive jackpot – worth around £125K at the time of writing – which can be awarded on any spin. The second, the “Power Strike” jackpot, must be won by the time it reaches by the time it reaches £10,000.

    Special Features

    As mentioned, you can buy the special features for each game if you accrue enough coins. The “shop” is always active on the right of the screen, and about 300 coins will be enough to trigger a feature. Coins are easy enough to acquire, on average we found that a coin will fall on the reels at least once per spin. You can, of course, trigger the special features the normal way, by landing three or more scatter symbols on screen.


    There isn’t much we would say in terms of negatives here. The games might not be to everyone’s tastes, as such, but we found them to be a worthy addition to Playtech’s games. Perhaps, if we were to nit-pick a bit, we would say that each game on its own can get a bit monotonous. Yet, it’s like playing three games in one – so there isn’t much chance of getting bored.


    Kingdoms Rise is going to be a big hit for Playtech – there’s very little doubt about that. Playtech has always been clever in tapping into the zeitgeist of popular culture, such as releasing a new Gladiator slot just as the word broke of a new Gladiator film on the horizon. Kingdoms Rise is a ground-breaking series in many sense, and Playtech has even hinted on the interactive map that there will be new worlds added to the series soon. Fantastic stuff.

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