Five Signs That You Have a Gambling Addiction

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    Five Signs That You Have a Gambling Addiction


    There are millions of people that gamble as a leisure activity. They go on a vacation, see a casino and go there to try their luck, make their trip more exciting. They play, stand up and leave the casino after a while.

    However, there are those who can stay in a casino for days. The intense ups and downs, the rounds of winning then losing are thrilling to these players, but also highly addictive. This can have horrifying consequences to your psychological health, but your physical state as well. Look at the signs that signal you may be developing a gambling addiction and seek help if you display them.


    You Start Chasing Your Losses

    Sure, you did gamble within your budget limits for a while, but then you became obsessed with winning back what you have lost. In fact, you started betting more than you have lost. This is the worrisome point. When you start wanting to recover the money you lost by depositing more, then you have a serious problem.


    You Change

    You start borrowing money from friends and family so that you can deposit them in a casino. You have never done that previously. You start making things up and lying about why you need the money. A more advanced stage is when you start stealing from your close ones or even strangers in order to gamble that money. You become so obsessed that you cannot distinguish right from wrong here: all you need to do is to gamble. You would do anything to get the money. If you’re lucky enough, someone close to you would notice this and report it to the right institutions.


    You’re Not Able to Stop

    This is where this addiction is similar to drug or alcohol addiction: you simply cannot stop. You can’t help it. You need another round. Even when you know that it is wrong, that you’re in deep, that you have lost it all, you cannot stop. This is a crystal clear sign of any addiction, and gambling addiction is not an exception. You may not feel the physical ramifications right away, but sooner or later, this will reflect on your overall health.


    You Prioritize Playing over Way More Meaningful Things

    You stop bonding with your kids, your friends and your partner, you stop having the desire to rest, to travel, to go out. Only one thing is on your mind: how to find the money and when to visit the casino. You don’t care about your job anymore, you’re late, and you call in sick a lot just to go to the casino. Another advanced stage of gambling addiction.


    You’re Gambling out of Need and You’re in Denial

    Let’s suppose that finally, someone has discovered your secret. They try to intervene and keep you away from the casino. You’re in denial; you’re absolutely sure you’re doing it for fun and you can stop whenever you want. They tell you to do so. But you can’t. You know deep down that the fun is long gone and that you’re gambling out of need. Seek help. Get better before you lose everything.

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