Five Star Slot Review

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    Five Star Slot Review

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    In this day and age, 3 payline slots are a thing of the past, but every now and again a slot comes along that only pays on the three main straight lines. Five Star is exactly such a slot machine by Red Tiger Gaming and while it may seem boring to only play three paylines, Five Star is in fact a very fun slot to play.

    The symbols in this five reel, three payline slot are fruits, like in the good old fruity machines. The most valuable symbol is of course the good old Seven symbol while a Five Star Symbol is scatter that pays regardless of the paylines and gives a chance of a re-spin.

    We were not sure what to expect from a three liner, so we decided to put this online casino game under scrutiny and find out just how good or bad of a game it really is.

    Five Star Slot Review gameplay

    Five Star Gameplay Features

    Five Star is a game that includes few paylines and few features. As you could expect from a three line slot, there aren’t too many ways of getting paid and you will want to stop a full line of Sevens if you hope for a big payday.

    However, the Five Star symbols do help out quite a bit. Any winning combination on the reels may trigger a completely random Repeat Spin. What is even better, the Repeat Spin may happen up to ten times and the more Five Star symbols are present on the board, the bigger the chance at Repeat Spins.

    This means even medium wins can be quite lucrative as any payout may be multiplied up to ten times in total. Stopping three or more Five Star symbols will also trigger a significant payout right off the bat, which is another great piece of news. Overall speaking, you need to know that Five Star is a high variance slot but it can certainly pay quite high when the right combination is hit.

    Five Star Slot Review game

    Five Star Design, Audio and Gameplay

    Five Star is a three line slot with simple design, fruits for symbols and some simple music in the background. All of this was surely put together to ensure a gameplay experience consistent to what you may have experienced with fruity machines a few decades ago.

    However, Five Star is not a dull machine at all. The high variance of having to hit those big paylines is somewhat mitigated by the Five Star symbols appearing to trigger Repeat Spins and the animations of such events are quite exhilarating.

    Overall speaking, Five Star is certainly an amazing online casino game that everyone will want to try and the players who enjoy old school games will especially fall in love with.

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