Football Betting Guide

    With millions of fans all around the globe and dozens of leagues in all major countries of the world, football is likely the most popular sport on the planet. Such a vast popularity naturally makes it a great sport to bet on, making football betting one of the most popular betting activities.

    Football betting

    Football betting

    Soccer betting has been popular for decades and the advent of online betting only made betting on soccer even more popular. The incredible

    availability of football betting opportunities in modern day makes pretty much every football fan into a punter at one point or another.

    The most popular leagues are:

    We take a close look at football betting and all its ins and outs. What makes soccer betting so popular and how should you approach soccer betting in order to make significant profits from it? Keep reading and find out.

    How Does Football Betting Work?

    When it comes to football betting, the basic premise is more than simple. Looking at the various matches being played worldwide, a punter tries to guess the various outcomes and beat the bookie’s predictions. The bookie on the other hand places odds on various events depending on how likely they are to take place.

    This makes betting on football a mental activity where a punter actually has a chance to win. Unlike casino games and other forms of gambling, you can actually be pretty good at football betting. Soccer betting allows the bettor to make predictions based on mathematics and statistics and if you can do so better than the bookie, you will win.

    The odds offered by the bookmakers usually favor them, but things do slip through the cracks and bookies don’t always get the odds just right. It is important to note that while most people only bet on the 1X2 market, there are dozens of markets available for football betting nowadays and many are more profitable than 1X2.

    Football Betting Markets

    1X2 is the most popular soccer betting market. In this market, the punters bet on whether one of the two sides will win or the match will end in a draw and that’s it. While these bets can be perfectly sound, there are plenty of other markets offered for football betting that you can make use of.

    Some of the other popular soccer betting markets include Over/Under on the number of goals and Asian Handicap while some punters choose to bet on the numbers of cards, corners and all sorts of other mini events within a match. Major betting sites provide dozens of football betting markets for major matches, allowing you to bet pretty much anything within a match.

    How To Win At Football Betting?

    Actually, beating the bookies at football betting is not an easy task. Bookmakers use statistical analysis to come up with the most likely outcomes of matches and then offer odds that are short of their expectations. The result is that you will have to make better predictions in order to win and this can be almost impossible at times.

    However, there are plenty of professional punters who make a living with soccer betting. Most of them do this by beating the bookies at predicting the minor European leagues where the information is more scarce and the bookies tend to make more mistakes.

    The best way of winning at soccer betting is by becoming a specialist in the football leagues of one of Europe’s countries and truly learning all the ins and outs of that country’s football leagues. This way you can potentially make better predictions and defeat the bookie at football betting.

    Football Betting Tips

    • Always go for value. Value betting is what makes a difference between a losing punter and a winning bettor. Value betting means you have more chances to win a bet than bookie’s odds suggest. Value can be in anything, under/over, straight win, draw, asian handicap, corners, really anything.
    • Choose a league or a set of leagues you know more about. This way you can be one step ahead and have an edge when it comes to estimating chances for a bet. It is known that minor leagues usually tend to be more valuable from a betting point of view because odds compilers are sometimes slow at estimating accurately or making chances when flash news happen.
    • Understand that betting is a winner takes all market. Even though it looks like we bet against the bookmaker, we are talking about a betting market heavily influenced by how other bettors react. So when you see odds dropping or going up, it is usually because the public at large got on one side and bookies only make sure they have even money place on both sides. So don’t be fooled by that and never decide to take or not to take a bet just because odds dropped or went up. This is misleading!
    • Always choose the best odds. There are many online bookmakers operating nowadays and as a punter you have the chance to choose the ones that offer the best odds. As in the case with value betting, better odds usually makes the difference between losing or winning at sports betting.
    • Understand the game. How can you bet on something you don’t even know how it is played? Make sure you understand football rules and if you also happen to play soccer yourself, the better you will be at understanding football psychology and rate factors that really influence games.
    • Accept winners the same way you accept losses. You can’t win every bet and you can’t even win every day or even month! But if you can be on the green side over the course of a season you will know you are on the right way. So don’t chase things after a bad day, it just happens and you’ve got to accept it the same way you accept things when you win.

    Soccer bettingWhere To Go For Football Betting?

    In the past, soccer betting meant having to go down to the local betting store and place bets physically. Nowadays, with so many online bookmakers out there, football betting is made more available than ever. Dozens of online bookmakers competing makes for a fantastic playground for the punters as they can benefit from various promotions and always find the best odds possible.

    Using the internet to scout for the best odds on every single match gives football betting punters a huge edge. Instead of simply always betting with the same bookmaker and being forced to accept their odds, soccer betting punters now have the opportunity to shop around for the best prices available.

    What is more, you no longer have to fear if you will find the market you are looking for. Instead, you can always place bets on the exact market you want with one of the many bookmakers available on the market. This is why online football betting is superior to betting in brick and mortar shops and punters should make use of all the benefits of online bookmakers at all times.

    In-Play Football Betting

    The development of modern technologies has allowed online bookmakers to introduce an innovative form of football betting, the in-play football betting. In-play soccer betting allows you to place bets on the already started matches, which means you can make use of game flow and predict with even more accuracy.

    In-play betting on events such as the Premier League can make for some truly exciting moments. The various markets offered by online bookmakers during in-play can be truly fascinating, but the advanced algorithms used by the bookies are still very complex and difficult to beat. Still, with patience and knowledge, many punters are making a solid profit from in-play soccer betting.

    Finding Value In Football Betting

    While we did say that football betting is about predicting outcomes, we don’t mean looking into the future. Predictions mean predicting what is likely to happen and just how likely it is to happen. With football betting you will want to look for spots where you believe an event will happen more often than the bookmakers think it will and place bets on such events.

    This is called betting for value. Even a 5/1 bet can be a value bet if you believe it will come in more often than once in five times. In fact, on many occasions it is exactly the higher odds bets that give the best value to the punters, instead of the low odds bets.