Fortune House Slot Review

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    Fortune House Slot Review

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    Another Chinese slot machine, Fortune House is a fun and exciting creation of Red Tiger Gaming. The game that uses a very classic Chinese theme brings us ample opportunity at winning significant amounts of cash through its many gameplay features and is also a fairly enjoyable gameplay experience.

    Looking at the layout alone, Fortune House brings us a 20 payline across 5 reels distribution with 9 basic symbols one of which is the Wild that substitutes all other symbols. The game additionally offers several gameplay features which are there to shake things up and also increase the winning potential all the way up to over 95% payout rate.

    Let’s have a quick look at Fortune House features and find out how you can benefit from them.

    Fortune House Gameplay Features

    Fortune House offers us four gameplay features in total. They are the Fortune Tree, Dragon Wheel, Mystery Win and Fortune Respin. Each of the feature is worth its own amount of money and can pay in different ways, which makes the game far less repetitive than most other slots.

    Fortune House Slot Review gameplay

    The Fortune Tree feature for instance puts up a big tree on the reels, which spreads the well-paying symbols across the tiles, offering a great chance at major payouts. Dragon Wheel on the other hand is a mega multiplier wheel which can be activated at any time.

    The Mystery Win feature gives you a chance to instantly win a significant amount of money while Fortune Respin is an extra free spin that can also be activated at any particular time randomly. Combine all of these with the randomly occurring Wild symbols and you have yourself one hell of a slot machine.

    Fortune House Design, Audio And Gameplay

    Looking from a design and audio perspective, Fortune House may not be the most exciting slot made by the company, but it is still fairly enjoyable to look at. The symbols are well drawn and there is nothing that pops out or makes the game slow or hard to read. You will instantly know whether you have won or not, as the symbols are all clear and simple to see.

    Fortune House Slot Review game

    The music and sound effects are not the dominant part of Fortune House, but like in any online casino game, they are necessary to keep things fun and no too dull as you wait for those big wins. The possibility to spin the reels at a very fast pace and instantly stop each spin means your gameplay can be as fast as you want it to bee and the advanced technologies used in programming the slot ensure that the game always remains seamless, no matter how fast you are spinning those reels.


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